Louisa Meshi
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Assembly of mesoscale helices with near-unity enantiomeric excess and light-matter interactions for chiral semiconductors
W Feng, JY Kim, X Wang, HA Calcaterra, Z Qu, L Meshi, NA Kotov
Science advances 3 (3), e1601159, 2017
New nanocrystalline materials: a previously unknown simple cubic phase in the SnS binary system
A Rabkin, S Samuha, RE Abutbul, V Ezersky, L Meshi, Y Golan
Nano letters 15 (3), 2174-2179, 2015
Self-assembly and structure of directly imaged inorganic-anion monolayers on a gold nanoparticle
Y Wang, A Neyman, E Arkhangelsky, V Gitis, L Meshi, IA Weinstock
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (47), 17412-17422, 2009
Defect reduction in GaN/(0001) sapphire films grown by molecular beam epitaxy using nanocolumn intermediate layers
D Cherns, L Meshi, I Griffiths, S Khongphetsak, SV Novikov, N Farley, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (12), 2008
Heat treatments' effects on the microstructure and mechanical properties of an equiatomic Al-Cr-Fe-Mn-Ni high entropy alloy
A Munitz, L Meshi, MJ Kaufman
Materials Science and Engineering: A 689, 384-394, 2017
Addressing the issue of precipitates in maraging steels–Unambiguous answer
O Moshka, M Pinkas, E Brosh, V Ezersky, L Meshi
Materials Science and Engineering: A 638, 232-239, 2015
Long-period antiphase domains and short-range order in a B2 matrix of the AlCoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy
Y Linden, M Pinkas, A Munitz, L Meshi
Scripta Materialia 139, 49-52, 2017
Electrochemical Intercalation of Lithium Ions into NbSe2 Nanosheets
E Hitz, J Wan, A Patel, Y Xu, L Meshi, J Dai, Y Chen, A Lu, AV Davydov, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (18), 11390-11395, 2016
Dislocation structure and hardness of surface layers under friction of copper in different lubricant conditions
L Meshi, S Samuha, SR Cohen, A Laikhtman, A Moshkovich, V Perfilyev, ...
Acta Materialia 59 (1), 342-348, 2011
Direct imaging of the ligand monolayer on an anion-protected metal nanoparticle through cryogenic trapping of its solution-state structure
A Neyman, L Meshi, L Zeiri, IA Weinstock
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (49), 16480-16481, 2008
The relation between Mn additions, microstructure and corrosion behavior of new wrought Mg-5Al alloys
P Metalnikov, G Ben-Hamu, Y Templeman, KS Shin, L Meshi
Materials Characterization 145, 101-115, 2018
Retardation of the σ phase formation in the AlCoCrFeNi multi-component alloy
L Meshi, Y Linden, A Munitz, S Salhov, M Pinkas
Materials Characterization 148, 171-177, 2019
Friction stir welded AM50 and AZ31 Mg alloys: Microstructural evolution and improved corrosion resistance
Y Templeman, GB Hamu, L Meshi
Materials Characterization 126, 86-95, 2017
Nanometric diamond delta doping with boron
JE Butler, A Vikharev, A Gorbachev, M Lobaev, A Muchnikov, ...
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 11 (1), 1600329, 2017
Deformation in nanocrystalline ceramics: a microstructural study of MgAl2O4
B Ratzker, A Wagner, M Sokol, L Meshi, S Kalabukhov, N Frage
Acta Materialia 183, 137-144, 2020
Uniting electron crystallography and powder diffraction
U Kolb, K Shankland, L Meshi, A Avilov, WIF David
Springer, 2012
Three-Dimensional Graphene-Decorated Copper-Phosphide (Cu3P@3DG) Heterostructure as an Effective Electrode for a Supercapacitor
S Kumar, SKT Aziz, S Kumar, S Riyajuddin, G Yaniv, L Meshi, GD Nessim, ...
Frontiers in Materials 7, 30, 2020
Defect-controlled growth of GaN nanorods on (0001) sapphire by molecular beam epitaxy
D Cherns, L Meshi, I Griffiths, S Khongphetsak, SV Novikov, NRS Farley, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (11), 2008
Friction, wear and structure of Cu samples in the lubricated steady friction state
A Moshkovich, V Perfilyev, L Meshi, S Samuha, S Cohen, H Cohen, ...
Tribology international 46 (1), 154-160, 2012
Understanding the role of the constituting elements of the AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy through the investigation of quaternary alloys
G Hillel, L Natovitz, S Salhov, S Haroush, M Pinkas, L Meshi
Metals 10 (10), 1275, 2020
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