Aleksandra Królicka
Aleksandra Królicka
Wrocław University of Science and Technology
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The utilization of waste marble dust as a cement replacement in air-cured mortar
N Toubal Seghir, M Mellas, Ł Sadowski, A Krolicka, A Żak, K Ostrowski
Sustainability 11 (8), 2215, 2019
Analysis of grain growth and morphology of bainite in medium-carbon spring steel
A Królicka, K Radwański, A Ambroziak, A Żak
Materials Science and Engineering: A 768, 138446, 2019
Comparison of fatigue crack growth rate: Pearlitic rail versus bainitic rail
A Królicka, G Lesiuk, K Radwański, R Kuziak, A Janik, R Mech, T Zygmunt
International Journal of Fatigue 149, 106280, 2021
Wear of cultivator coulters reinforced with cemented-carbide plates and hardfacing
P Kostencki, T Stawicki, A Królicka, P Sędłak
Wear 438, 203063, 2019
Enhanced adhesive performance of epoxy resin coating by a novel bonding agent
Ł Sadowski, Ł Kampa, A Chowaniec, A Królicka, A Żak, H Abdoulpour, ...
Construction and Building Materials 301, 124078, 2021
Enhancing technological prospect of nanostructured bainitic steels by the control of thermal stability of austenite
A Królicka, AM Żak, FG Caballero
Materials & Design 211, 110143, 2021
The effect of curing conditions on the properties of cement-based composites blended with waste marble dust
N Toubal Seghir, M Mellas, Ł Sadowski, A Krolicka, A Żak
Jom 71, 1002-1015, 2019
The influence of microstructure on abrasive wear micro-mechanisms of the claddings produced by welding used in agricultural soil
A Królicka, Ł Szczepański, Ł Konat, T Stawicki, P Kostencki
Materials 13 (8), 1920, 2020
Precipitation phenomena in impulse friction stir welded 2024 aluminium alloy
I Morozova, A Królicka, A Obrosov, Y Yang, N Doynov, S Weiß, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 852, 143617, 2022
Wear of the working parts of agricultural tools in the context of the mass of chemical elements introduced into soil during its cultivation
P Kostencki, T Stawicki, A Królicka
International Soil and Water Conservation Research 9 (2), 229-240, 2021
Welding capabilities of nanostructured carbide-free bainite: review of welding methods, materials, problems, and perspectives
A Królicka, A Ambroziak, A Żak
Applied Sciences 9 (18), 3798, 2019
Microstructure-based approach to the evaluation of welded joints of bainitic rails designed for high-speed railways
A Królicka, K Radwański, R Kuziak, T Zygmunt, A Ambroziak
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 175, 106372, 2020
The use of synthetic and natural fibers in epoxy coatings: A comparative mechanical and economic analysis
Ł Kampa, Ł Sadowski, A Królicka
International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 117, 103017, 2022
Impact of impulses on microstructural evolution and mechanical performance of al-mg-si alloy joined by impulse friction stir welding
I Morozova, A Obrosov, A Naumov, A Królicka, I Golubev, DO Bokov, ...
Materials 14 (2), 347, 2021
Improvement of the fatigue crack growth resistance in long term operated steel strengthened with CFRP patches
G Lesiuk, M Katkowski, M Duda, A Królicka, J Correia, AMP De Jesus, ...
Procedia Structural Integrity 5, 912-919, 2017
Thermal wear of epoxy composite modified with rutile titanium dioxide
K Krzywiński, A Sieradzki, Ł Sadowski, A Królicka, C Chastre
Composite Structures 282, 115127, 2022
Engineering of green cementitious composites modified with siliceous fly ash: Understanding the importance of curing conditions
A Chajec, A Chowaniec, A Królicka, Ł Sadowski, A Żak, ...
Construction and Building Materials 313, 125209, 2021
Metallurgical characterization of welded joint of nanostructured bainite: regeneration technique versus post welding heat treatment
A Królicka, K Radwański, A Janik, P Kustroń, A Ambroziak
Materials 13 (21), 4841, 2020
The effect of the addition of polypropylene fibers to primer on the pull-off strength of epoxy resin coatings
Ł Kampa, A Chowaniec, A Królicka, Ł Sadowski
Materials 13 (20), 4674, 2020
The qualitative–quantitative approach to microstructural characterization of nanostructured bainitic steels using electron microscopy methods
A Królicka, A Janik, A Żak, K Radwański
Mater. Sci 39, 188-199, 2021
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