Oliver Doehrmann
Oliver Doehrmann
McGovern Institute of Brain Research, MIT
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Semantics and the multisensory brain: how meaning modulates processes of audio-visual integration
O Doehrmann, MJ Naumer
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Predicting treatment response in social anxiety disorder from functional magnetic resonance imaging
O Doehrmann, SS Ghosh, FE Polli, GO Reynolds, F Horn, A Keshavan, ...
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G Hein, O Doehrmann, NG Müller, J Kaiser, L Muckli, MJ Naumer
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Visuohaptic convergence in a corticocerebellar network
MJ Naumer, L Ratz, Y Yalachkov, A Polony, O Doehrmann, V Van De Ven, ...
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Cross-category adaptation reveals tight coupling of face and body perception
S Weigelt, K Koldewyn, O Doehrmann
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Objects, meaning, and the brain: neuroimaging studies on the impact of semantics on cortical integrative processing
O Doehrmann
Listen to your visual cortex: Effects of occipital transcranial magnetic stimulation on auditory stimulus detection
O Doehrmann
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (1), 1-2, 2008
Cognitive neuroscience, a naturalistic theory of subjectivity, and the implications
O Doehrmann
Cortex 3 (47), 412-414, 2011
Thalamo-and baso-cortical functional segregation of specialized brain networks in active and resting state: data-driven estimation and subsequent validation
A Walther, VG Van De Ven, JJ Van Den Bosch, A Polony, G Hein, ...
Conference Abstract: XI International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience …, 2011
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