Zihang Jiang
Zihang Jiang
School of Biomedical Engineering, USTC, Suzhou Institute for Advanced Research
Zweryfikowany adres z ustc.edu.cn
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Tokens-to-token vit: Training vision transformers from scratch on imagenet
L Yuan, Y Chen, T Wang, W Yu, Y Shi, ZH Jiang, FEH Tay, J Feng, S Yan
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L Yuan, Q Hou, Z Jiang, J Feng, S Yan
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Reclor: A reading comprehension dataset requiring logical reasoning
W Yu, Z Jiang, Y Dong, J Feng
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Q Hou, Z Jiang, L Yuan, MM Cheng, S Yan, J Feng
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Joint 3d face reconstruction and dense face alignment from a single image with 2d-assisted self-supervised learning
X Tu, J Zhao, Z Jiang, Y Luo, M Xie, Y Zhao, L He, Z Ma, J Feng
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Disentangled representation learning for 3d face shape
ZH Jiang, Q Wu, K Chen, J Zhang
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J Zhang, Z Jiang, D Yang, H Xu, Y Shi, G Song, Z Xu, X Wang, J Feng
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Refiner: Refining self-attention for vision transformers
D Zhou, Y Shi, B Kang, W Yu, Z Jiang, Y Li, X Jin, Q Hou, J Feng
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Mimicking the oracle: An initial phase decorrelation approach for class incremental learning
Y Shi, K Zhou, J Liang, Z Jiang, J Feng, PHS Torr, S Bai, VYF Tan
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2022
Few-shot classification via adaptive attention
Z Jiang, B Kang, K Zhou, J Feng
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Tm2d: Bimodality driven 3d dance generation via music-text integration
K Gong, D Lian, H Chang, C Guo, Z Jiang, X Zuo, MB Mi, X Wang
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Omniavatar: Geometry-guided controllable 3d head synthesis
H Xu, G Song, Z Jiang, J Zhang, Y Shi, J Liu, W Ma, J Feng, L Luo
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Agilegan3d: Few-shot 3d portrait stylization by augmented transfer learning
G Song, H Xu, J Liu, T Zhi, Y Shi, J Zhang, Z Jiang, J Feng, S Sang, L Luo
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ECAMP: Entity-centered Context-aware Medical Vision Language Pre-training
R Wang, Q Yao, H Lai, Z He, X Tao, Z Jiang, SK Zhou
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LV-BERT: Exploiting layer variety for BERT
W Yu, Z Jiang, F Chen, Q Hou, J Feng
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CARZero: Cross-Attention Alignment for Radiology Zero-Shot Classification
H Lai, Q Yao, Z Jiang, R Wang, Z He, X Tao, SK Zhou
arXiv preprint arXiv:2402.17417, 2024
PostoMETRO: Pose Token Enhanced Mesh Transformer for Robust 3D Human Mesh Recovery
W Yang, Z Jiang, S Zhao, SK Zhou
arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.12473, 2024
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