Karolina Barglowski
Karolina Barglowski
Institute for Sociology, TU Dortmund
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Cytowane przez
Transnational social protection: migrants' strategies and patterns of inequalities
T Faist, B Bilecen, K Barglowski, JJ Sienkiewicz
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On the assemblages of informal and formal transnational social protection
B Bilecen, K Barglowski
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Approaching transnational social protection: methodological challenges and empirical applications
K Barglowski, B Bilecen, A Amelina
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Caregiving in Polish–German transnational social space: circulating narratives and intersecting heterogeneities
K Barglowski, Ł Krzyżowski, P Świątek
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Ties that protect? The significance of transnationality for the distribution of informal social protection in migrant networks
A Amelina, B Bilecen, K Barglowski, T Faist
Where, What and Whom to Study? Principles, Guidelines and Empirical Examples of Case Selection and Sampling in Migration Research
K Barglowski
Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies, 151-168, 2018
Migrants’ class and parenting: the role of cultural capital in Migrants’ inequalities in education
K Barglowski
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T Faist, B Bilecen, K Barglowski, JJ Sienkiewicz
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Cultures of Transnationality in European Migration: Subjectivity, Family and Inequality
K Barglowski
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Tightening early childcare choices–gender and social class inequalities among Polish mothers in Germany and the UK
K Barglowski, P Pustulka
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Coming out within transnational families: intimate confessions under western eyes
K Barglowski, A Amelina, B Bilecen
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Contrast Groups Based on Spatial Mobility and Social Position for Use in the Qualitative Sample: Technical Report of the'Transnational Mobility and Social Positions in the …
JJ Sienkiewicz, I Tucci, K Barglowski, T Faist
DEU 152, 20, 2017
The symbolic meaning of mobility in transnational families
K Barglowski
Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg, 2015
Polish migrants in Germany: Challenges and inequalities in raising children in transnational social spaces
K Barglowski
DEU 131, 21, 2015
Social classifications and inequalities: Ideologies of mobility, care and work in transnational families
K Barglowski
Migration pressures and opportunities: Challenges to belonging in the European Unions’ mobility regime
K Barglowski
InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology 7 (1), 2016
Social Expectations in Transnational Social Spaces: Linking Migration and Inequalities
K Barglowski
Universität Bielefeld, 2016
The Normativity of Migration and Intergenerational Care in the Polish-German Transnational Social Space
K Barglowski
Studia Migracyjne-Przegląd Polonijny 41 (3 (157)), 2015
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