M. R. Mosavi
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A simple, sensitive and secure image encryption algorithm based on hyper-chaotic system with only one round diffusion process
B Norouzi, S Mirzakuchaki, SM Seyedzadeh, MR Mosavi
Multimedia tools and applications 71 (3), 1469-1497, 2014
A novel image encryption based on hash function with only two-round diffusion process
B Norouzi, SM Seyedzadeh, S Mirzakuchaki, MR Mosavi
Multimedia systems 20 (1), 45-64, 2014
A novel color image encryption algorithm based on spatial permutation and quantum chaotic map
SM Seyedzadeh, B Norouzi, MR Mosavi, S Mirzakuchaki
Nonlinear Dynamics 81 (1), 511-529, 2015
A novel image encryption based on row-column, masking and main diffusion processes with hyper chaos
B Norouzi, SM Seyedzadeh, S Mirzakuchaki, MR Mosavi
Multimedia Tools and Applications 74 (3), 781-811, 2015
Comparing DGPS corrections prediction using neural network, fuzzy neural network, and Kalman filter
MR Mosavi
GPS Solutions 10 (2), 97-107, 2006
A review of fuzzy cognitive maps in medicine: Taxonomy, methods, and applications
A Amirkhani, EI Papageorgiou, A Mohseni, MR Mosavi
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 142, 129-145, 2017
A new method to mitigate multipath error in single-frequency GPS receiver with wavelet transform
MR Azarbad, MR Mosavi
GPS solutions 18 (2), 189-198, 2014
Recovery and grade accurate prediction of pilot plant flotation column concentrate: Neural network and statistical techniques
F Nakhaei, MR Mosavi, A Sam, Y Vaghei
International Journal of Mineral Processing 110, 140-154, 2012
GPS receivers timing data processing using neural networks: Optimal estimation and errors modeling
MR Mosavi
International journal of neural systems 17 (05), 383-393, 2007
Classification of GPS satellites using improved back propagation training algorithms
H Azami, MR Mosavi, S Sanei
Wireless personal communications 71 (2), 789-803, 2013
Classification of sonar data set using neural network trained by Gray Wolf Optimization
MR Mosavi, M Khishe, A Ghamgosar
Neural Network World 26 (4), 393, 2016
Narrowband interference suppression for GPS navigation using neural networks
MR Mosavi, F Shafiee
GPS solutions 20 (3), 341-351, 2016
New GPS anti-jamming system based on multiple short-time Fourier transform
MJ Rezaei, M Abedi, MR Mosavi
IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation 10 (4), 807-815, 2016
Improved migration models of biogeography-based optimization for sonar dataset classification by using neural network
M Khishe, MR Mosavi, M Kaveh
Applied Acoustics 118, 15-29, 2017
A practical approach for accurate positioning with L1 GPS receivers using neural networks
MR Mosavi
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 17 (2), 159-171, 2006
Least squares techniques for GPS receivers positioning filter using pseudo-range and carrier phase measurements
MR Mosavi, S Azarshahi, I Emamgholipour, AA Abedi
Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 10 (1), 18-26, 2014
A wavelet-extreme learning machine for low-cost INS/GPS navigation system in high-speed applications
ES Abdolkarimi, G Abaei, MR Mosavi
Gps Solutions 22 (1), 15, 2018
Jamming mitigation in global positioning system receivers using wavelet packet coefficients thresholding
MR Mosavi, M Pashaian, MJ Rezaei, K Mohammadi
IET Signal Processing 9 (5), 457-464, 2015
A novel hybrid method based on fuzzy cognitive maps and fuzzy clustering algorithms for grading celiac disease
A Amirkhani, MR Mosavi, K Mohammadi, EI Papageorgiou
Neural Computing and Applications 30 (5), 1573-1588, 2018
An indirect adaptive neural control of a visual-based quadrotor robot for pursuing a moving target
M Shirzadeh, A Amirkhani, A Jalali, MR Mosavi
ISA transactions 59, 290-302, 2015
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