Mirosław Kruszewski
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Diamond–tungsten based coating–copper composites with high thermal conductivity produced by Pulse Plasma Sintering
AM Abyzov, MJ Kruszewski, Ł Ciupiński, M Mazurkiewicz, A Michalski, ...
Materials & Design 76, 97-109, 2015
Design of interfacial Cr3C2 carbide layer via optimization of sintering parameters used to fabricate copper/diamond composites for thermal management applications
Ł Ciupiński, MJ Kruszewski, J Grzonka, M Chmielewski, R Zielińsk, ...
Materials & Design 120, 170-185, 2017
Interfacial microstructure of copper/diamond composites fabricated via a powder metallurgical route
J Grzonka, MJ Kruszewski, M Rosiński, Ł Ciupiński, A Michalski, ...
Materials Characterization 99, 188-194, 2015
Thermal conductivity enhancement of copper–diamond composites by sintering with chromium additive
P Mańkowski, A Dominiak, R Domański, MJ Kruszewski, Ł Ciupiński
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 116 (2), 881-885, 2014
W/steel joint fabrication using the pulse plasma sintering (PPS) method
M Rosiński, MJ Kruszewski, A Michalski, E Fortuna-Zaleśna, Ł Ciupiński, ...
Fusion engineering and design 86 (9-11), 2573-2576, 2011
Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk Cobalt Antimonide (CoSb3) Skutterudites Obtained by Pulse Plasma Sintering
MJ Kruszewski, R Zybaa, M Chmielewski, B Adamczyk-cielak, A Michalski, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (3), 1369, 2016
Thermoelectric properties of Cu2S obtained by high temperature synthesis and sintered by IHP method
P Nieroda, J Leszczyński, A Mikuła, K Mars, MJ Kruszewski, A Koleżyński
Ceramics International 46 (16), 25460-25466, 2020
Method and apparatus for determining operational parameters of thermoelectric modules
R Zybała, M Schmidt, K Kaszyca, Ł Ciupiński, MJ Kruszewski, K Pietrzak
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (10), 5223-5231, 2016
Cu-diamond composites with high thermal conductivity obtained by the PPS method
M Kruszewski, M Rosiński, J Grzonka, Ł Ciupiński, A Michalski, ...
Materiały Ceramiczne/Ceramic Materials 64 (3), 333-337, 2012
Pulse plasma sintering of a tungsten/steel divertor module
MJ Kruszewski, Ł Ciupiński, M Rosiński, A Michalski, KJ Kurzydłowski
Fusion Engineering and Design 88 (9-10), 2573-2576, 2013
Microstructure and thermoelectric properties of p and n type doped β-FeSi2 fabricated by mechanical alloying and pulse plasma sintering
F Dąbrowski, Ł Ciupiński, J Zdunek, J Kruszewski, R Zybała, A Michalski, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 8, 531-539, 2019
Skutterudite (CoSb3) thermoelectric nanomaterials fabricated by Pulse Plasma in Liquid
R Zybała, M Schmidt, P Kamińska, MJ Kruszewski, J Grzonka, K Pietrzak, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (4), 10316-10322, 2018
Review of rapid fabrication methods of skutterudite materials
MJ Kruszewski, R Zybała
Materials Today: Proceedings 44, 3475-3482, 2021
Characterization of nanostructured bulk cobalt triantimonide doped with tellurium and indium prepared by pulsed plasma in liquid method
R Zybała, M Schmidt, K Kaszyca, M Chmielewski, MJ Kruszewski, ...
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 2020
Pressureless Direct Bonding of Au Metallized Substrate with Si Chips by Micro-Ag Particles
M Myśliwiec, R Kisiel, K Pavłov, MJ Kruszewski
2022 45th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 1-7, 2022
Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Doped FeSi 2 with Addition of B 4 C Nanoparticles
F Dąbrowski, Ł Ciupiński, J Zdunek, W Chromiński, M Kruszewski, ...
Archives of Metallurgy and Materials 66, 2021
High homogeneity and ultralow lattice thermal conductivity in Se/Te-doped skutterudites obtained by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and pulse plasma sintering
MJ Kruszewski, K Cymerman, R Zybała, M Chmielewski, M Kowalczyk, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 909, 164796, 2022
Heat Treatment of NiTi Alloys Fabricated Using Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) from Elementally Blended Powders
A Chmielewska, B Wysocki, P Kwaśniak, MJ Kruszewski, B Michalski, ...
Materials 15 (9), 3304, 2022
M. Rosin ski, L. Ciupin ski, A. Michalski, and KJ Kurzydłowski
J Grzonka, MJ Kruszewski
Mater. Charact 99, 188, 2015
Ag-based Thermal Interface Materials for GaN-on-Si Assembly Chips in Power Applications
R Kisiel, P Śpiewak, MJ Kruszewski
2021 44th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE), 1-4, 2021
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