Arndt Hampe
Arndt Hampe
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Conserving biodiversity under climate change: the rear edge matters
A Hampe, RJ Petit
Ecology letters 8 (5), 461-467, 2005
Some evolutionary consequences of being a tree
RJ Petit, A Hampe
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A Hampe
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Climate relicts: past, present, future
A Hampe, AS Jump
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M Benito Garzón, TM Robson, A Hampe
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Rangewide phylogeography of a bird‐dispersed Eurasian shrub: contrasting Mediterranean and temperate glacial refugia
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Plants on the move: The role of seed dispersal and initial population establishment for climate-driven range expansions
A Hampe
Acta Oecologica 37 (6), 666-673, 2011
Extensive hydrochory uncouples spatiotemporal patterns of seedfall and seedling recruitment in a ‘bird‐dispersed’riparian tree
A Hampe
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Past tree range dynamics in the Iberian Peninsula inferred through phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling: a review
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Journal of Biogeography 32 (2), 329-339, 2005
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