PVE McClintock
PVE McClintock
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Vibrational resonance
PS Landa, PVE McClintock
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and general 33 (45), L433, 2000
Noise in nonlinear dynamical systems
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Generation of defects in superfluid 4He as an analogue of the formation of cosmic strings
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Analogue studies of nonlinear systems
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Linear and synchrosqueezed time–frequency representations revisited: Overview, standards of use, resolution, reconstruction, concentration, and algorithms
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Digital Signal Processing 42, 1-26, 2015
Optimal paths and the prehistory problem for large fluctuations in noise-driven systems
MI Dykman, PVE McClintock, VN Smelyanski, ND Stein, NG Stocks
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Wavelet phase coherence analysis: application to skin temperature and blood flow
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Nonappearance of Vortices in Fast Mechanical Expansions of Liquid through the Lambda Transition
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Fermi-Ulam accelerator model under scaling analysis
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Vibrational resonance
PS Landa, PVE McClintock
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and general 33 (45), L433, 2000
Inference of time-evolving coupled dynamical systems in the presence of noise
T Stankovski, A Duggento, PVE McClintock, A Stefanovska
Physical review letters 109 (2), 024101, 2012
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