Arjunan Jeevalatha
Arjunan Jeevalatha
Scientist, ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research
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Cytowane przez
Viral diseases in potato
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The potato crop: its agricultural, nutritional and social contribution to …, 2020
Potato bacterial wilt in India caused by strains of phylotype I, II and IV of Ralstonia solanacearum
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An insight into differentially regulated genes in resistant and susceptible genotypes of potato in response to tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus-[potato] infection
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Optimization of duplex RT-PCR for simultaneous detection of Potato virus Y and S
B Raigond, M Sharma, Y Chauhan, A Jeevalatha, BP Singh, S Sharma
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RCA-PCR: A robust technique for the detection of tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus-potato at ultra low virus titre
A Jeevalatha, BP Singh, P Kaundal, R Kumar, B Raigond
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Optimized loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus-[potato] detection in potato leaves and tubers
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A multiplex RT-PCR assay for simultaneous detection of five viruses in potato
R Kumar, A Jeevalatha, R Baswaraj, S Sharma, M Nagesh
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First report of Fusarium sambucinum causing dry rot of potato in India
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The potato crop
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Development of a visual detection method for Potato virus S by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification
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Diversity analysis of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus-[potato], causing apical leaf curl disease of potato in India
A Jeevalatha, SK Chakrabarti, S Sharma, V Sagar, K Malik, B Raigond, ...
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Squash and tissue print protocols for quick detection of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus-potato in fresh and ethanol preserved single whitefly
J Sridhar, V Venkateswarlu, A Jeevalatha, K Malik, A Bhatnagar, ...
Not Available, 2016
Phylotype analysis of Ralstonia solanacearum strains causing potato bacterial wilt in Karnataka in India
V Sagar, MS Gurjar, J Arjunan, RR Bakade, SK Chakrabarti, RK Arora, ...
African journal of microbiology research 8 (12), 1277-1281, 2014
Complete Genome Sequence of Potato leafroll virus Isolates Infecting Potato in the Different Geographical Areas of India Shows Low Level Genetic Diversity
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Spraying of dsRNA molecules derived from Phytophthora infestans, along with nanoclay carriers as a proof of concept for developing novel protection strategy for potato late blight.
S Sharma, A Bairwa, M Tomar, R Kumar, V Bhardwaj, A Jeevalatha, ...
Pest Management Science 78 (7), 2022
One-step reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification: A simple, sensitive and rapid assay for detection of potato virus X in potato leaves and tubers
B Raigond, A Verma, S Roach, T Kochhar, Shilpa, J Arjunan, R Kumar, ...
Indian Phytopathology 72, 321-328, 2019
RT-PCR detection of Potato leaf roll virus (PLRV) in aphids from Northern and North-Eastern India
B Raigond, V Venkateswarlu, J Sridhar, A Jeevalatha, S Sharma, ...
Not Available, 2014
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