Dr. Shine (Xu) Zhang
Dr. Shine (Xu) Zhang
Canada Research Chair (Tier II), Cape Breton University, Dept of Chemistry
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Instantaneous and quantitative functionalization of gold nanoparticles with thiolated DNA using a pH-assisted and surfactant-free route
X Zhang, MR Servos, J Liu
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X Zhang, MR Servos, J Liu
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A Hu, X Zhang, KD Oakes, P Peng, YN Zhou, MR Servos
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Tissue-Specific In Vivo Bioconcentration of Pharmaceuticals in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Using Space-Resolved Solid-Phase Microextraction
X Zhang, KD Oakes, S Cui, L Bragg, MR Servos, J Pawliszyn
Environmental science & technology 44 (9), 3417-3422, 2010
Inhibition of Multidrug Resistance of Cancer Cells by Co-Delivery of DNA Nanostructures and Drugs Using Porous Silicon Nanoparticles@Giant Liposomes
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Advanced Functional Materials, 2015
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X Zhang, MR Servos, J Liu
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Evaluation of bio-compatible poly (ethylene glycol)-based solid-phase microextraction fiber for in vivo pharmacokinetic studies of diazepam in dogs
A Es-Haghi, X Zhang, FM Musteata, H Bagheri, J Pawliszyn
Analyst 132 (7), 672-678, 2007
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