Vincent Mourik
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Cytowane przez
Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices
V Mourik, K Zuo, SM Frolov, SR Plissard, EPAM Bakkers, ...
Science 336 (6084), 1003-1007, 2012
Ballistic superconductivity in semiconductor nanowires
H Zhang, Ö Gül, S Conesa-Boj, MP Nowak, M Wimmer, K Zuo, V Mourik, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 16025, 2017
Hard superconducting gap in InSb nanowires
O Gül, H Zhang, FK de Vries, J van Veen, K Zuo, V Mourik, ...
Nano letters 17 (4), 2690-2696, 2017
Non-Majorana states yield nearly quantized conductance in proximatized nanowires
P Yu, J Chen, M Gomanko, G Badawy, E Bakkers, K Zuo, V Mourik, ...
Nature Physics, 1-7, 2021
Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon
S Asaad, V Mourik, B Joecker, MAI Johnson, AD Baczewski, HR Firgau, ...
Nature 579 (7798), 205-209, 2020
Supercurrent interference in few-mode nanowire Josephson junctions
K Zuo, V Mourik, DB Szombati, B Nijholt, DJ Van Woerkom, A Geresdi, ...
Physical review letters 119 (18), 187704, 2017
Exploring quantum chaos with a single nuclear spin
V Mourik, S Asaad, H Firgau, JJ Pla, C Holmes, GJ Milburn, JC McCallum, ...
Physical Review E 98 (4), 042206, 2018
Deterministic Shallow Dopant Implantation in Silicon with Detection Confidence Upper‐Bound to 99.85% by Ion–Solid Interactions
AM Jakob, SG Robson, V Schmitt, V Mourik, M Posselt, D Spemann, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (3), 2103235, 2022
Measuring out-of-time-ordered correlation functions without reversing time evolution
PD Blocher, S Asaad, V Mourik, MAI Johnson, A Morello, K Mølmer
Physical Review A 106 (4), 042429, 2022
Scalable quantum computing with ion-implanted dopant atoms in silicon
A Morello, G Tosi, FA Mohiyaddin, V Schmitt, V Mourik, T Botzem, ...
2018 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 6.2. 1-6.2. 4, 2018
Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices
K Zuo, V Mourik
We cannot believe we overlooked these Majorana discoveries
S Frolov, V Mourik
arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.17060, 2022
Predation of a Grey Goshawk Accipiter novaehollandiae with a Powerful Owl Ninox strenua as the likely predator
V Mourik, AO Richards
Australian Field Ornithology 36, 5, 2019
Hysteretic Supercurrent and Trivial Zero-bias Peaks at Zero External Magnetic Field Due to Stray Fields from Micromagnets in Sn-InSb and Al-InAs Nanowire Junctions
Y Jiang, S Frolov, V Pribiag, C Palmstrom, V Mourik
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Silicon spin qubits with implanted single donor ions
D Holmes, A Morello, D Jamieson, A Jakob, T Botzem, S Asaad, V Mourik, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Silicon–Aluminum Phase-Transformation-Induced Superconducting Rings
BC Johnson, M Stuiber, DL Creedon, M Bose, A Berhane, ...
Nano Letters, 2022
Near-Surface Electrical Characterization of Silicon Electronic Devices Using Focused keV-Range Ions
SG Robson, P Räcke, AM Jakob, N Collins, HR Firgau, V Schmitt, ...
Physical Review Applied 18 (3), 034037, 2022
Deterministic Focused Ion Beam Implantation with 99.6% Yield for High-Fidelity Shallow Donor Arrays in Silicon
SG Robson, P Räcke, AM Jakob, N Collins, HR Firgau, V Schmitt, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.11339, 2022
FIB-based Single Ion Implantation with> 99% Detection Confidence-Towards Near-Surface Donor Qubit Architectures in Silicon
S Robson, P Räcke, A Jakob, N Collins, H Firgau, V Schmitt, V Mourik, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, Z39. 008, 2022
Nuclear spein quantum processing element and method of operation thereof
A Morello, S Asaad, V Mourik
US Patent App. 16/975,669, 2020
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