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Contextual feedback to superficial layers of V1
L Muckli, F De Martino, L Vizioli, LS Petro, FW Smith, K Ugurbil, R Goebel, ...
Current Biology 25 (20), 2690-2695, 2015
Mapping the development of facial expression recognition
H Rodger, L Vizioli, X Ouyang, R Caldara
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Neural repetition suppression to identity is abolished by other-race faces
L Vizioli, GA Rousselet, R Caldara
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (46), 20081-20086, 2010
Inverting faces elicits sensitivity to race on the N170 component: A cross-cultural study
L Vizioli, K Foreman, GA Rousselet, R Caldara
Journal of vision 10 (1), 15-15, 2010
Mapping face recognition information use across cultures
S Miellet, L Vizioli, L He, X Zhou, R Caldara
Frontiers in psychology 4, 34, 2013
Lowering the thermal noise barrier in functional brain mapping with magnetic resonance imaging
L Vizioli, S Moeller, L Dowdle, M Akçakaya, F De Martino, E Yacoub, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 5181, 2021
Neural microgenesis of personally familiar face recognition
M Ramon, L Vizioli, J Liu-Shuang, B Rossion
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A critical assessment of data quality and venous effects in sub-millimeter fMRI
K Kay, KW Jamison, L Vizioli, R Zhang, E Margalit, K Ugurbil
Neuroimage 189, 847-869, 2019
Contributions of cortical feedback to sensory processing in primary visual cortex
LS Petro, L Vizioli, L Muckli
Frontiers in psychology 5, 1223, 2014
Culture modulates the temporal dynamics of global/local processing
J Lao, L Vizioli, R Caldara
Culture and Brain 1, 158-174, 2013
Preoperative weekly cisplatin, epirubicin, and paclitaxel (PET) improves prognosis in locally advanced breast cancer patients: an update of the Southern Italy Cooperative …
G Frasci, G D’Aiuto, P Comella, M D’Aiuto, M Di Bonito, P Ruffolo, ...
Annals of oncology 21 (4), 707-716, 2010
Ultra-high-resolution fMRI of human ventral temporal cortex reveals differential representation of categories and domains
E Margalit, KW Jamison, KS Weiner, L Vizioli, RY Zhang, KN Kay, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 40 (15), 3008-3024, 2020
A functional magnetic resonance imaging paradigm to identify distinct cortical areas of facial function: a reliable localizer
M Romeo, L Vizioli, M Breukink, K Aganloo, J Lao, S Cotrufo, R Caldara, ...
Plastic and reconstructive surgery 131 (4), 527e-533e, 2013
20-fold accelerated 7T fMRI using referenceless self-supervised deep learning reconstruction
OB Demirel, B Yaman, L Dowdle, S Moeller, L Vizioli, E Yacoub, J Strupp, ...
2021 43rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2021
Evaluating increases in sensitivity from NORDIC for diverse fMRI acquisition strategies
LT Dowdle, L Vizioli, S Moeller, M Akçakaya, C Olman, G Ghose, ...
NeuroImage 270, 119949, 2023
Statistical power or more precise insights into neuro-temporal dynamics? Assessing the benefits of rapid temporal sampling in fMRI
LT Dowdle, G Ghose, CCC Chen, K Ugurbil, E Yacoub, L Vizioli
Progress in neurobiology 207, 102171, 2021
Clarifying the role of higher-level cortices in resolving perceptual ambiguity using ultra high field fMRI
LT Dowdle, G Ghose, K Ugurbil, E Yacoub, L Vizioli
NeuroImage 227, 117654, 2021
Multivoxel Pattern of Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Activity can be sensitive to stimulus specific fine scale responses
L Vizioli, F De Martino, LS Petro, D Kersten, K Ugurbil, E Yacoub, L Muckli
Scientific reports 10 (1), 7565, 2020
Temporal multivariate pattern analysis (tMVPA): A single trial approach exploring the temporal dynamics of the BOLD signal
L Vizioli, A Bratch, J Lao, K Ugurbil, L Muckli, E Yacoub
Journal of neuroscience methods 308, 74-87, 2018
Improved simultaneous multi-slice functional MRI using self-supervised deep learning
OB Demirel, B Yaman, L Dowdle, S Moeller, L Vizioli, E Yacoub, J Strupp, ...
2021 55th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, 890-894, 2021
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