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Charlie Pauvert
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Bioinformatics matters: The accuracy of plant and soil fungal community data is highly dependent on the metabarcoding pipeline
C Pauvert, M Buée, V Laval, V Edel-Hermann, L Fauchery, A Gautier, ...
Fungal Ecology 41, 23-33, 2019
Biomonitoring for the 21st century: integrating next-generation sequencing into ecological network analysis
SAP Derocles, DA Bohan, AJ Dumbrell, JJN Kitson, F Massol, C Pauvert, ...
Advances in ecological research 58, 1-62, 2018
Maternal effects shape the seed mycobiome in Quercus petraea
T Fort, C Pauvert, AE Zanne, O Ovaskainen, T Caignard, M Barret, ...
New Phytologist 230 (4), 1594-1608, 2021
Microbial networks inferred from environmental DNA data for biomonitoring ecosystem change: Strengths and pitfalls
D Barroso‐Bergada, C Pauvert, J Vallance, L Deliere, DA Bohan, M Buee, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 21 (3), 762-780, 2021
Microbial association networks give relevant insights into plant pathobiomes
C Pauvert, T Fort, A Calonnec, J Faivre d’Arcier, E Chancerel, M Massot, ...
BioRxiv, 2020.02. 21.958033, 2020
psadd: Additions to phyloseq package for microbiome analysis
C Pauvert
R Packag, Version 0.1 2, 2020
Toward FAIR representations of microbial interactions
AR Pacheco, C Pauvert, D Kishore, D Segrè
Msystems 7 (5), e00659-22, 2022
Leaf microbiome data for European beech (Fagus sylvatica) at the leaf and canopy scales collected in a gallery forest in South-West France
T Fort, C Pauvert, E Chancerel, R Burlett, L Wingate, C Vacher
Annals of Forest Science 80 (1), 14, 2023
Comparaison et évaluation d’approches bioinformatiques et statistiques pour l'analyse du pathobiome des plantes cultivées
C Pauvert
Université de Bordeaux, 2019
A metagenomic tool for cheese ecosystems
AL Abraham, Q Cavaillé, T Guirimand, P Renault, S Derozier, C Pauvert, ...
17. European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2018, Workshop …, 2018
Food-Microbiomes Transfert, a shotgun metagenomic tool and a database to analyze cheese ecosystems
T Guirimand, AL Abraham, S Derozier, C Pauvert, M Mariadassou, V Loux, ...
Comité de programme, 6, 2017
Food-Microbiomes Transfert, a shotgun metagenomic tool and a database to analyze cheese ecosystems
AL Abraham, T Guirimand, C Pauvert, S Derozier, M Mariadassou, ...
Cheese ecosystems insights with shotgun metagenomics and a metadata extended genomics database.
T Guirimand, C Pauvert, S Derozier, AL Abraham, M Mariadassou, V Loux, ...
JOBIM 2016: Journées ouvertes de biologie informatique et mathématiques, np, 2016
Food Microbiome-Transfert a database to characterize cheese ecosystems.
T Guirimand, SS Derozier, C Pauvert, AL Abraham, V Loux, P Renault
Journées Bioinformatique Inra, 2016
Food Microbiome Transfert, une base de données pour charactériser les écosystèmes fromagers
T Guirimand, S Derozier, C Pauvert, AL Abraham, V Loux, P Renault
Accurate taxonomy assignments in cheeses ecosystems via a metagenomic approach
C Pauvert, AL Abraham, M Almeida, N Pons, M Mariadassou, E Achouri, ...
JOBIM 2015-Journées Ouvertes Biologie Informatique Mathématiques, 1, 2015
A shotgun metagenomic method to characterise low abundant species and assign precisely taxonomy in complex microbial ecosystems
AL Abraham, M Almeida, N Pons, C Pauvert, S Schbath, P Renault
ECCB'08: 7. European Conference on Computational Biology, np, 2014
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