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Mobile-edge computation offloading for ultradense IoT networks
H Guo, J Liu, J Zhang, W Sun, N Kato
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In-vehicle network attacks and countermeasures: Challenges and future directions
J Liu, S Zhang, W Sun, Y Shi
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W Sun, J Liu, Y Yue, H Zhang
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W Sun, S Lei, L Wang, Z Liu, Y Zhang
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W Sun, J Liu, Y Yue
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J Liu, Y Shi, L Zhao, Y Cao, W Sun, N Kato
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When smart wearables meet intelligent vehicles: Challenges and future directions
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Optimal placement of cloudlets for access delay minimization in SDN-based Internet of Things networks
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W Sun, N Xu, L Wang, H Zhang, Y Zhang
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W Sun, P Wang, N Xu, G Wang, Y Zhang
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Smart attacks against intelligent wearables in people-centric internet of things
J Liu, W Sun
IEEE Communications Magazine 54 (12), 44-49, 2016
Joint resource allocation and incentive design for blockchain-based mobile edge computing
W Sun, J Liu, Y Yue, P Wang
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Cancer immunogenic cell death via photo-pyroptosis with light-sensitive Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase inhibitor conjugate
Y Lu, F Xu, Y Wang, C Shi, Y Sha, G He, Q Yao, K Shao, W Sun, J Du, ...
Biomaterials 278, 121167, 2021
ER-targeting cyanine dye as an NIR photoinducer to efficiently trigger photoimmunogenic cancer cell death
H Ma, Y Lu, Z Huang, S Long, J Cao, Z Zhang, X Zhou, C Shi, W Sun, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (8), 3477-3486, 2022
Social-aware incentive mechanisms for D2D resource sharing in IIoT
W Sun, J Liu, Y Yue, Y Jiang
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 16 (8), 5517-5526, 2019
Fluorescence imaging lysosomal changes during cell division and apoptosis observed using Nile Blue based near-infrared emission
J Fan, H Dong, M Hu, J Wang, H Zhang, H Zhu, W Sun, X Peng
Chemical Communications 50 (7), 882-884, 2013
Coordinated multipoint-based uplink transmission in Internet of Things powered by energy harvesting
W Sun, J Liu
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 5 (4), 2585-2595, 2017
Multi-antenna covert communication via full-duplex jamming against a warden with uncertain locations
X Chen, W Sun, C Xing, N Zhao, Y Chen, FR Yu, A Nallanathan
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 20 (8), 5467-5480, 2021
Collaborative blockchain for space-air-ground integrated networks
W Sun, L Wang, P Wang, Y Zhang
IEEE Wireless Communications 27 (6), 82-89, 2020
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