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Experimental complex for investigations of high temperature capillarity phenomena
N Sobczak, R Nowak, W Radziwill, J Budzioch, A Glenz
Materials Science and Engineering: A 495 (1-2), 43-49, 2008
Factors affecting wettability and bond strength of solder joint couples
N Sobczak, A Kudyba, R Nowak, W Radziwill, K Pietrzak
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Surface tension of γ-TiAl-based alloys
R Nowak, T Lanata, N Sobczak, E Ricci, D Giuranno, R Novakovic, ...
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The role of aluminium oxidation in the wetting-bonding relationship of Al oxide couples
N Sobczak, R Asthana, W Radziwill, R Nowak, A Kudyba
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Characterization of nickel dispersions in reduced nickel faujasites by transmission electron microscopy
D Exner, N Jaeger, R Nowak, H Schrübbers, G Schulz-Ekloff
Journal of Catalysis 74 (1), 188-191, 1982
Phase separation in monotectic alloys as a route for liquid state fabrication of composite materials
I Kaban, M Köhler, L Ratke, R Nowak, N Sobczak, N Mattern, J Eckert, ...
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Thermodynamic and surface properties of liquid Ge–Si alloys
S Amore, D Giuranno, R Novakovic, E Ricci, R Nowak, N Sobczak
Calphad 44, 95-101, 2014
A study of substrate specificity of mammalian and bacterial DNA polymerases with 5-alkyl-2′-deoxyuridine 5′-triphosphates
J Sági, R Nowak, B Zmudzka, A Szemzö, L Ötvös
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis 606 …, 1980
Thermodynamic, surface and structural properties of liquid Co-Si alloys
R Novakovic, D Giuranno, M Caccia, S Amore, R Nowak, N Sobczak, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 221, 346-353, 2016
Interaction between liquid aluminum and yttria substrate: microstructure characterization and thermodynamic considerations
J Wojewoda-Budka, N Sobczak, B Onderka, J Morgiel, R Nowak
Journal of materials science 45 (8), 2042-2050, 2010
Comparison of implantation with Ni2+ and Au2+ ions on the indentation response of sapphire
R Nowak, CL Li, MV Swain
Materials Science and Engineering: A 253 (1-2), 167-177, 1998
Application of push-off shear test for evaluation of wetting-interface structure-bonding relationship of solder joints
N Sobczak, J Sobczak, R Nowak, A Kudyba, P Darlak, B Mikulowski, ...
Journal of materials science 40 (9-10), 2547-2551, 2005
Interaction between liquid aluminum and NiO single crystals
N Sobczak, J Oblakowski, R Nowak, A Kudyba, W Radziwill
Journal of materials science 40 (9-10), 2313-2318, 2005
Effect of metal purity and testing procedure on surface tension measurements of liquid tin
P Fima, R Nowak, N Sobczak
Journal of materials science 45 (8), 2009-2014, 2010
Surface tension and density of Si-Ge melts
E Ricci, S Amore, D Giuranno, R Novakovic, A Tuissi, N Sobczak, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (21), 214704, 2014
Structural characterization of reaction product region in Al/MgO and Al/MgAl2O4 systems
R Nowak, N Sobczak, E Sienicki, J Morgiel
Solid State Phenomena 172, 1273-1278, 2011
Wettability of AlSi7Mg alloy on alumina, spinel, mullite and rutile and its influence on the aluminum melt filtration efficiency
C Voigt, L Ditscherlein, E Werzner, T Zienert, R Nowak, U Peuker, ...
Materials & Design 150, 75-85, 2018
Wetting in high-temperature materials processing: The case of Ni/MgO and NiW10/MgO
N Sobczak, R Nowak, R Asthana, R Purgert
Scripta Materialia 62 (12), 949-954, 2010
First stage of reaction of molten Al with MgO substrate
J Morgiel, N Sobczak, M Pomorska, R Nowak
Materials Characterization 103, 133-139, 2015
Reactivity of molten aluminium with polycrystalline ZnO substrate
J Wojewoda-Budka, N Sobczak, J Morgiel, R Nowak
Journal of Materials Science 45 (16), 4291-4298, 2010
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