Marco Lucamarini
Marco Lucamarini
Chair of Experimental Quantum Communications, Department of Physics and YCQT, University of York
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Overcoming the rate–distance limit of quantum key distribution without quantum repeaters
M Lucamarini, ZL Yuan, JF Dynes, AJ Shields
Nature 557 (7705), 400-403, 2018
Secure deterministic communication without entanglement
M Lucamarini, S Mancini
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B Fröhlich, JF Dynes, M Lucamarini, AW Sharpe, Z Yuan, AJ Shields
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LC Comandar, M Lucamarini, B Fröhlich, JF Dynes, AW Sharpe, ...
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KA Patel, JF Dynes, M Lucamarini, I Choi, AW Sharpe, ZL Yuan, RV Penty, ...
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Long-distance quantum key distribution secure against coherent attacks
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10-Mb/s quantum key distribution
Z Yuan, A Plews, R Takahashi, K Doi, W Tam, AW Sharpe, AR Dixon, ...
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Room temperature single-photon detectors for high bit rate quantum key distribution
LC Comandar, B Fröhlich, M Lucamarini, KA Patel, AW Sharpe, JF Dynes, ...
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Quantum teleportation using a light-emitting diode
J Nilsson, RM Stevenson, KHA Chan, J Skiba-Szymanska, M Lucamarini, ...
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Experimental measurement-device-independent quantum digital signatures
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Cambridge quantum network
JF Dynes, A Wonfor, WWS Tam, AW Sharpe, R Takahashi, M Lucamarini, ...
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Experimental inhibition of decoherence on flying qubits via “bang-bang” control
S Damodarakurup, M Lucamarini, G Di Giuseppe, D Vitali, P Tombesi
Physical review letters 103 (4), 040502, 2009
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