Shiro Kuriwaki
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Unrepresentative big surveys significantly overestimated US vaccine uptake
VC Bradley, S Kuriwaki, M Isakov, D Sejdinovic, XL Meng, S Flaxman
Nature 600 (7890), 695-700, 2021
The use of differential privacy for census data and its impact on redistricting: The case of the 2020 US Census
CT Kenny, S Kuriwaki, C McCartan, ETR Rosenman, T Simko, K Imai
Science Advances 7 (41), eabk3283, 2021
Wealth, Slaveownership, and Fighting for the Confederacy: An Empirical Study of the American Civil War
AB Hall, C Huff, S Kuriwaki
American Political Science Review 113 (3), 658-673, 2019
Cumulative CCES Common Content
S Kuriwaki
Harvard Dataverse 7, 2022
Congressional representation: Accountability from the constituent's perspective
S Ansolabehere, S Kuriwaki
American Journal of Political Science 66 (1), 123-139, 2022
Widespread partisan gerrymandering mostly cancels nationally, but reduces electoral competition
CT Kenny, C McCartan, T Simko, S Kuriwaki, K Imai
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (25), e2217322120, 2023
Sparse Multilevel Regression (and Poststratification (sMRP))
M Goplerud, S Kuriwaki, M Ratkovic, D Tingley
Unpublished manuscript, Harvard University 723, 2018
Simulated redistricting plans for the analysis and evaluation of redistricting in the United States
C McCartan, CT Kenny, T Simko, G Garcia III, K Wang, M Wu, S Kuriwaki, ...
Scientific Data 9 (1), 689, 2022
Ticket splitting in a nationalized era
S Kuriwaki
SocArXiv, 2019
Towards principled unskewing: Viewing 2020 election polls through a corrective lens from 2016
M Isakov, S Kuriwaki
Harvard Data Science Review 2 (4), 69, 2020
The impact of the US Census Disclosure Avoidance System on redistricting and voting rights analysis
CT Kenny, S Kuriwaki, C McCartan, E Rosenman, T Simko, K Imai
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.14197, 2021
The geography of racially polarized voting: calibrating surveys at the district level
S Kuriwaki, S Ansolabehere, A Dagonel, S Yamauchi
American Political Science Review 118 (2), 922-939, 2024
Comment: The essential role of policy evaluation for the 2020 census disclosure avoidance system
CT Kenny, S Kuriwaki, C McCartan, ETR Rosenman, T Simko, K Imai
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.08383, 2022
Evaluating bias and noise induced by the US Census Bureau’s privacy protection methods
CT Kenny, C McCartan, S Kuriwaki, T Simko, K Imai
Science Advances 10 (18), eadl2524, 2024
Synthetic area weighting for measuring public opinion in small areas
S Kuriwaki, S Yamauchi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2105.05829, 2021
The swing voter paradox: Electoral politics in a nationalized era
S Kuriwaki
Harvard University, 2021
The Administration of Cast Vote Records in US States
S Kuriwaki
url: https://bit. ly/3dxc0TD, 2020
Are We There Yet? Big Data Significantly Overestimates COVID-19 Vaccination in the US
VC Bradley, S Kuriwaki, M Isakov, D Sejdinovic, XL Meng, S Flaxman
medRxiv, 2021
The “Math Prefresher” and The Collective Future of Political Science Graduate Training
G King, S Kuriwaki, YS Park
PS: Political Science & Politics 53 (3), 537-541, 2020
Winning Elections with Unpopular Policies: Valence Advantage and Single-Party Dominance in Japan
S Eshima, Y Horiuchi, S Kuriwaki, DM Smith
Available at SSRN 4371978, 2023
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