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Prediction of geological hazardous zones in front of a tunnel face using TSP-203 and artificial neural networks
A Alimoradi, A Moradzadeh, R Naderi, MZ Salehi, A Etemadi
Tunnelling and underground space technology 23 (6), 711-717, 2008
Practical application of failure criteria in determining safe mud weight windows in drilling operations
R Gholami, A Moradzadeh, V Rasouli, J Hanachi
Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 6 (1), 13-25, 2014
Classification and identification of hydrocarbon reservoir lithofacies and their heterogeneity using seismic attributes, logs data and artificial neural networks
M Raeesi, A Moradzadeh, FD Ardejani, M Rahimi
Journal of Petroleum Science and engineering 82, 151-165, 2012
Prediction of shear wave velocity using empirical correlations and artificial intelligence methods
S Maleki, A Moradzadeh, RG Riabi, R Gholami, F Sadeghzadeh
NRIAG Journal of Astronomy and Geophysics 3 (1), 70-81, 2014
Comparison of different failure criteria in prediction of safe mud weigh window in drilling practice
S Maleki, R Gholami, V Rasouli, A Moradzadeh, RG Riabi, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 136, 36-58, 2014
Application of neural network technique for prediction of uniaxial compressive strength using reservoir formation properties
E Rabbani, F Sharif, M Koolivand Salooki, A Moradzadeh
International journal of rock mechanics and mining sciences (1997) 56, 100-111, 2012
Applications of artificial intelligence methods in prediction of permeability in hydrocarbon reservoirs
R Gholami, A Moradzadeh, S Maleki, S Amiri, J Hanachi
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 122, 643-656, 2014
A combined mathematical geophysical model for prediction of pyrite oxidation and pollutant leaching associated with a coal washing waste dump
F Doulati Ardejani, B Jodieri Shokri, A Moradzadeh, E Soleimani, ...
International Journal of Environmental Science & Technology 5, 517-526, 2008
Simulation of cuttings transport with foam in deviated wellbores using computational fluid dynamics
R Rooki, F Doulati Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, M Norouzi
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology 4, 263-273, 2014
Optimal determination of rheological parameters for herschel-bulkley drilling fluids using genetic algorithms (GAs)
R Rooki, FD Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, H Mirzaei, V Kelessidis, ...
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 24, 163-170, 2012
Prediction of terminal velocity of solid spheres falling through Newtonian and non-Newtonian pseudoplastic power law fluid using artificial neural network
R Rooki, FD Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, VC Kelessidis, M Nourozi
International Journal of Mineral Processing 110, 53-61, 2012
Methods of water saturation estimation: Historical perspective
A Alimoradi, A Moradzadeh, MR Bakhtiari
Journal of petroleum and gas engineering 2 (3), 45-53, 2011
CFD simulation of rheological model effect on cuttings transport
R Rooki, FD Ardejani, A Moradzadeh, M Norouzi
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 36 (3), 402-410, 2015
Geochemical characterisation of pyrite oxidation and environmental problems related to release and transport of metals from a coal washing low-grade waste dump, Shahrood …
F Doulati Ardejani, B Jodieri Shokri, A Moradzadeh, SZ Shafaei, R Kakaei
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 183, 41-55, 2011
Hole cleaning prediction in foam drilling using artificial neural network and multiple linear regression
R Rooki, FD Ardejani, A Moradzadeh
Geomaterials 2014, 2014
Assessing the performance of independent component analysis in remote sensing data processing
R Gholami, A Moradzadeh, M Yousefi
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 40, 577-588, 2012
Fast 3D inversion of gravity data using solution space priorconditioned lanczos bidiagonalization
M Rezaie, A Moradzadeh, AN Kalateh
Journal of Applied Geophysics 136, 42-50, 2017
Detection of high-potential oil and gas fields using normalized full gradient of gravity anomalies: a case study in the Tabas Basin, Eastern Iran
H Aghajani, A Moradzadeh, H Zeng
Pure and Applied Geophysics 168, 1851-1863, 2011
A statistical model to relate pyrite oxidation and oxygen transport within a coal waste pile: case study, Alborz Sharghi, northeast of Iran
B Jodeiri Shokri, H Ramazi, F Doulati Ardejani, A Moradzadeh
Environmental earth sciences 71, 4693-4702, 2014
Curie point depth, geothermal gradient and heat-flow estimation and geothermal anomaly exploration from integrated analysis of aeromagnetic and gravity data on the Sabalan Area …
A Afshar, GH Norouzi, A Moradzadeh, MA Riahi, S Porkhial
Pure and Applied Geophysics 174, 1133-1152, 2017
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