Helmut Laufs
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EEG-correlated fMRI of human alpha activity
H Laufs, A Kleinschmidt, A Beyerle, E Eger, A Salek-Haddadi, C Preibisch, ...
Neuroimage 19 (4), 1463-1476, 2003
Electroencephalographic signatures of attentional and cognitive default modes in spontaneous brain activity fluctuations at rest
H Laufs, K Krakow, P Sterzer, E Eger, A Beyerle, A Salek-Haddadi, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 100 (19), 11053-11058, 2003
Decoding wakefulness levels from typical fMRI resting-state data reveals reliable drifts between wakefulness and sleep
E Tagliazucchi, H Laufs
Neuron 82 (3), 695-708, 2014
Increased global functional connectivity correlates with LSD-induced ego dissolution
E Tagliazucchi, L Roseman, M Kaelen, C Orban, SD Muthukumaraswamy, ...
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On the stability of BOLD fMRI correlations
TO Laumann, AZ Snyder, A Mitra, EM Gordon, C Gratton, B Adeyemo, ...
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Endogenous cortical rhythms determine cerebral specialization for speech perception and production
AL Giraud, A Kleinschmidt, D Poeppel, TE Lund, RSJ Frackowiak, H Laufs
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Where the BOLD signal goes when alpha EEG leaves
H Laufs, JL Holt, R Elfont, M Krams, JS Paul, K Krakow, A Kleinschmidt
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Inhibition of the spontaneous apoptosis of neutrophil granulocytes by the intracellular parasite Leishmania major
E Aga, DM Katschinski, G Van Zandbergen, H Laufs, B Hansen, K Muller, ...
The Journal of Immunology 169 (2), 898-905, 2002
Temporal lobe interictal epileptic discharges affect cerebral activity in “default mode” brain regions
H Laufs, K Hamandi, A Salek‐Haddadi, AK Kleinschmidt, JS Duncan, ...
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Penumbral imaging and functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke treated with endovascular thrombectomy versus medical therapy: a meta-analysis …
BCV Campbell, CBLM Majoie, GW Albers, BK Menon, N Yassi, G Sharma, ...
The Lancet Neurology 18 (1), 46-55, 2019
Imaging features and safety and efficacy of endovascular stroke treatment: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data
L San Román, BK Menon, J Blasco, M Hernández-Pérez, A Dávalos, ...
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EEG–fMRI of idiopathic and secondarily generalized epilepsies
K Hamandi, A Salek-Haddadi, H Laufs, A Liston, K Friston, DR Fish, ...
Neuroimage 31 (4), 1700-1710, 2006
Dynamic BOLD functional connectivity in humans and its electrophysiological correlates
E Tagliazucchi, F Von Wegner, A Morzelewski, V Brodbeck, H Laufs
Frontiers in human neuroscience 6, 339, 2012
EEG microstates of wakefulness and NREM sleep
V Brodbeck, A Kuhn, F von Wegner, A Morzelewski, E Tagliazucchi, ...
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Modelling large motion events in fMRI studies of patients with epilepsy
L Lemieux, A Salek-Haddadi, TE Lund, H Laufs, D Carmichael
Magnetic resonance imaging 25 (6), 894-901, 2007
Intracellular Survival of Leishmania major in Neutrophil Granulocytes after Uptake in the Absence of Heat-Labile Serum Factors
H Laufs, K Müller, J Fleischer, N Reiling, N Jahnke, JC Jensenius, ...
Infection and immunity 70 (2), 826-835, 2002
Breakdown of long-range temporal dependence in default mode and attention networks during deep sleep
E Tagliazucchi, F von Wegner, A Morzelewski, V Brodbeck, K Jahnke, ...
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Effect of general anaesthesia on functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke having endovascular thrombectomy versus standard care: a meta …
BCV Campbell, WH Van Zwam, M Goyal, BK Menon, DWJ Dippel, ...
The Lancet Neurology 17 (1), 47-53, 2018
Recent advances in recording electrophysiological data simultaneously with magnetic resonance imaging
H Laufs, J Daunizeau, DW Carmichael, A Kleinschmidt
Neuroimage 40 (2), 515-528, 2008
Endogenous brain oscillations and related networks detected by surface EEG‐combined fMRI
H Laufs
Human brain mapping 29 (7), 762-769, 2008
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