Tomasz Brynk
Tomasz Brynk
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
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Measurement of mechanical properties in a 316L stainless steel welded joint
RM Molak, K Paradowski, T Brynk, L Ciupinski, Z Pakiela, ...
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 86 (1), 43-47, 2009
Fabrication of in-situ foamed chitosan/β-TCP scaffolds for bone tissue engineering application
M Kucharska, B Butruk, K Walenko, T Brynk, T Ciach
Materials Letters 85, 124-127, 2012
Post processing and biological evaluation of the titanium scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
B Wysocki, J Idaszek, K Szlązak, K Strzelczyk, T Brynk, KJ Kurzydłowski, ...
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Fabrication and characterization of chitosan microspheres agglomerated scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
M Kucharska, K Walenko, B Butruk, T Brynk, M Heljak, T Ciach
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Consistent quasistatic and acoustic elasticity determination of poly‐L‐lactide‐based rapid‐prototyped tissue engineering scaffolds
KW Luczynski, T Brynk, B Ostrowska, W Swieszkowski, R Reihsner, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 101 (1), 138-144, 2013
Chitosan and composite microsphere-based scaffold for bone tissue engineering: evaluation of tricalcium phosphate content influence on physical and biological properties
M Kucharska, K Walenko, M Lewandowska-Szumieł, T Brynk, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 26 (3), 143, 2015
Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded joints made from ultrafine grained aluminium 1050
M Lipińska, L Olejnik, A Pietras, A Rosochowski, P Bazarnik, J Goliński, ...
Materials & Design 88, 22-31, 2015
Enhancement in mechanical properties of a β-titanium alloy by high-pressure torsion
K Sharman, P Bazarnik, T Brynk, AG Bulutsuz, M Lewandowska, Y Huang, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 4 (1), 79-83, 2015
Digital Image Correlation measurements as a tool of composites deformation description
T Brynk, RM Molak, M Janiszewska, Z Pakiela
Computational materials science 64, 157-161, 2012
Digital Image Correlation investigation of Portevin–Le Chatelier effect in an aluminium alloy
J Zdunek, T Brynk, J Mizera, Z Pakieła, KJ Kurzydłowski
Materials Characterization 59 (10), 1429-1433, 2008
Low temperature mechanical properties of 316L type stainless steel after hydrostatic extrusion
P Czarkowski, AT Krawczynska, R Slesinski, T Brynk, J Budniak, ...
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The method of fracture toughness measurement of brittle materials by means of high speed camera and DIC
T Brynk, A Laptiev, O Tolochyn, Z Pakiela
Computational materials science 64, 221-224, 2012
Micromechanics of bioresorbable porous CEL2 glass ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
A Malasoma, A Fritsch, C Kohlhauser, T Brynk, C Vitale-Brovarone, ...
Advances in Applied Ceramics 107 (5), 277-286, 2008
Experimental poromechanics of trabecular bone strength: role of Terzaghi's effective stress and of tissue level stress fluctuations
T Brynk, C Hellmich, A Fritsch, P Zysset, J Eberhardsteiner
Journal of biomechanics 44 (3), 501-508, 2011
Mechanical properties of nanostructured 316LVM stainless steel annealed under pressure
AT Krawczynska, T Brynk, S Gierlotka, E Grzanka, S Stelmakh, B Palosz, ...
Mechanics of Materials 67, 25-32, 2013
Formation and preclinical evaluation of a new alloplastic injectable bone substitute material
W Bojar, M Kucharska, G Bubak, T Ciach, Ł KOPERSKI, Z JASTRZĘBSKI, ...
Acta Bioeng Biomech 14 (1), 39-44, 2012
The influence of chemical polishing of titanium scaffolds on their mechanical strength and in-vitro cell response
B Wysocki, J Idaszek, J Buhagiar, K Szlązak, T Brynk, KJ Kurzydłowski, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 95, 428-439, 2019
Investigation of mechanical properties of porous composite scaffolds with tailorable degradation kinetics after in vitro degradation using digital image correlation
J Idaszek, T Brynk, J Jaroszewicz, F Vanmeert, A Bruinink, ...
Polymer Composites 38 (11), 2402-2410, 2017
Fatigue crack growth rate in ultrafine-grained Al 5483 and 7475 alloys processed by hydro-extrusion
T Brynk, Z Pakiela, M Kulczyk, KJ Kurzydlowski
Mechanics of Materials 67, 46-52, 2013
Fatigue crack growth rate and tensile strength of Re modified Inconel 718 produced by means of selective laser melting
T Brynk, Z Pakiela, K Ludwichowska, B Romelczyk, RM Molak, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 698, 289-301, 2017
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