Robert Blum
Robert Blum
University Hospital Würzburg, Department of Neurology
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Cytowane przez
Directing astroglia from the cerebral cortex into subtype specific functional neurons
C Heinrich, R Blum, S Gascón, G Masserdotti, P Tripathi, R Sánchez, ...
PLoS biology 8 (5), e1000373, 2010
Deletion of TrkB in adult progenitors alters newborn neuron integration into hippocampal circuits and increases anxiety-like behavior
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Neurotrophin-evoked depolarization requires the sodium channel NaV1.9
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A de novo gain-of-function mutation in SCN11A causes loss of pain perception
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R Blum, A Konnerth
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Peri-synaptic glia recycles brain-derived neurotrophic factor for LTP stabilization and memory retention
B Vignoli, G Battistini, R Melani, R Blum, S Santi, N Berardi, M Canossa
Neuron 92 (4), 873-887, 2016
Plekhg5-regulated autophagy of synaptic vesicles reveals a pathogenic mechanism in motoneuron disease
P Lüningschrör, B Binotti, B Dombert, P Heimann, A Perez-Lara, C Slotta, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 678, 2017
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