Fernando de Melo
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Environment-induced sudden death of entanglement
MP Almeida, F de Melo, M Hor-Meyll, A Salles, SP Walborn, PH Ribeiro, ...
Science 316 (5824), 579, 2007
Open-system dynamics of entanglement: a key issues review
L Aolita, F De Melo, L Davidovich
Reports on Progress in Physics 78 (4), 042001, 2015
Experimental investigation of the dynamics of entanglement: Sudden death, complementarity, and continuous monitoring of the environment
A Salles, F de Melo, MP Almeida, M Hor-Meyll, SP Walborn, PHS Ribeiro, ...
Physical Review A 78 (2), 022322, 2008
Evolution equation for quantum entanglement
T Konrad, F de Melo, M Tiersch, C Kasztelan, A Aragão, A Buchleitner
Nature Physics 4 (2), 99-102, 2007
Efficient and coherent excitation transfer across disordered molecular networks
T Scholak, F de Melo, T Wellens, F Mintert, A Buchleitner
Physical Review E 83 (2), 021912, 2011
Zero-transmission law for multiport beam splitters
MC Tichy, M Tiersch, F de Melo, F Mintert, A Buchleitner
Physical Review Letters 104 (22), 220405, 2010
Entanglement of Identical Particles and the Detection Process
MC Tichy, F de Melo, M Kuś, F Mintert, A Buchleitner
Fortschr. Phys. 61 (2-3), 225, 2013
Entanglement evolution in finite dimensions
M Tiersch, F de Melo, A Buchleitner
Physical Review Letters 101 (17), 170502, 2008
Scalability of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and random-state entanglement in the presence of decoherence
L Aolita, D Cavalcanti, A Acín, A Salles, M Tiersch, A Buchleitner, ...
Physical Review A 79 (3), 032322, 2009
Noisy one-way quantum computations: The role of correlations
R Chaves, F de Melo
Physical Review A 84 (2), 022324, 2011
The Power of Noisy Fermionic Quantum Computation
F de Melo, P Ćwikliński, BM Terhal
New J. Phys. 15 (1), 013015, 2013
Optimal teleportation with a noisy source
BG Taketani, F de Melo, L Ruynet Filho
Physical Review A (Rapid Communications) 85 (2), 020301, 2012
Matrices of fidelities for ensembles of quantum states and the Holevo quantity
M Fannes, F de Melo, W Roga, K Zyczkowski
Quantum Information and Computation 12 (5&6), 0472, 2012
Emerging dynamics arising from coarse-grained quantum systems
C Duarte, GD Carvalho, NK Bernardes, F de Melo
Physical Review A 96 (3), 032113, 2017
Quantum Information Processing by Weaving Quantum Talbot Carpets
OJ Farías, F de Melo, P Milman, SP Walborn
Physical Review A 91, 062328, 2015
Detection and typicality of bound entangled states
J Bae, M Tiersch, S Sauer, F de Melo, F Mintert, B Hiesmayr, ...
Physical Review A 80 (2), 022317, 2009
Quantum nondemolition circuit for testing bipartite complementarity
F de Melo, SP Walborn, JA Bergou, L Davidovich
Physical Review Letters 98 (25), 250501, 2007
Quantum Walks via Quantum Cellular Automata
P Costa, R Portugal, F de Melo
Quantum Information Processing 17 (9), 226, 2018
Universality in open system entanglement dynamics
M Tiersch, F de Melo, A Buchleitner
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 (8), 085301, 2013
Equation of motion for entanglement
M Tiersch, F de Melo, T Konrad, A Buchleitner
Quantum Information Processing 8 (6), 523-534, 2009
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