Felix A. Lopez
Felix A. Lopez
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Cytowane przez
Environmental impact and management of phosphogypsum
H Tayibi, M Choura, FA López, FJ Alguacil, A López-Delgado
Journal of environmental management 90 (8), 2377-2386, 2009
Apoptotic cells promote their own clearance and immune tolerance through activation of the nuclear receptor LXR
A Noelia, SJ Bensinger, C Hong, S Beceiro, MN Bradley, N Zelcer, ...
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Physico-chemical properties of cell wall materials obtained from ten grape varieties and their byproducts: Grape pomaces and stems
MR González-Centeno, C Rosselló, S Simal, MC Garau, F López, ...
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Neuronal surface antigen antibodies in limbic encephalitis: clinical–immunologic associations
F Graus, A Saiz, M Lai, J Bruna, F López, L Sabater, Y Blanco, MJ Rey, ...
Neurology 71 (12), 930-936, 2008
Optimization of the rate vinasse/grape marc for co-composting process
MJ Diaz, E Madejon, F Lopez, R Lopez, F Cabrera
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Sorption of heavy metals on blast furnace sludge
A López-Delgado, C Pérez, FA Lopez
Water Research 32 (4), 989-996, 1998
A kinetic study on the thermal behaviour of chitosan
FA López, ALR Mercê, FJ Alguacil, A López-Delgado
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 91, 633-639, 2008
The nuclear receptor LXRα controls the functional specialization of splenic macrophages
N A-Gonzalez, JA Guillen, G Gallardo, M Diaz, JV De La Rosa, ...
Nature immunology 14 (8), 831-839, 2013
Thermolysis of fibreglass polyester composite and reutilisation of the glass fibre residue to obtain a glass–ceramic material
FA López, MI Martín, FJ Alguacil, JM Rincón, TA Centeno, M Romero
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 93, 104-112, 2012
Recovery of carbon fibres by the thermolysis and gasification of waste prepreg
FA López, O Rodríguez, FJ Alguacil, I García-Díaz, TA Centeno, ...
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 104, 675-683, 2013
Evolution of pyrite mud weathering and mobility of heavy metals in the Guadiamar valley after the Aznalcóllar spill, south-west Spain
A Alastuey, A Garcıa-Sánchez, F López, X Querol
Science of the Total Environment 242 (1-3), 41-55, 1999
Distillation of granulated scrap tires in a pilot plant
FA López, TA Centeno, FJ Alguacil, B Lobato
Journal of hazardous materials 190 (1-3), 285-292, 2011
The extraction of mineral acids by the phosphine oxide Cyanex 923
FJ Alguacil, FA Lopez
Hydrometallurgy 42 (2), 245-255, 1996
Removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions by a steel-making by-product
FA Lopez, MI Martın, C Perez, A Lopez-Delgado, FJ Alguacil
Water research 37 (16), 3883-3890, 2003
The effect of the starting solution on the physico-chemical properties of zinc ferrite synthesized at low temperature
JLM De Vidales, A López-Delgado, E Vila, FA Lopez
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 287 (1-2), 276-283, 1999
La adquisición del rol y la identidad sexual? función de la familia
F López
Infancia y aprendizaje 7 (26), 65-75, 1984
Supported liquid membranes technologies in metals removal from liquid effluents
D De Agreda, I Garcia-Diaz, FA López, FJ Alguacil
Rev. Metal 47 (2), 146-168, 2011
On the use of imidazolium and ammonium-based ionic liquids as green solvents for the selective recovery of Zn (II), Cd (II), Cu (II) and Fe (III) from hydrochloride aqueous …
AP de los Ríos, FJ Hernández-Fernández, FJ Alguacil, LJ Lozano, ...
Separation and purification technology 97, 150-157, 2012
Synthesis of nanocrystalline zinc ferrite powders from sulphuric pickling waste water
FA Lopez, A Lopez-Delgado, JLM de Vidales, E Vila
Journal of alloys and compounds 265 (1-2), 291-296, 1998
Textural and fuel characteristics of the chars produced by the pyrolysis of waste wood, and the properties of activated carbons prepared from them
FA Lopez, TA Centeno, I Garcia-Diaz, FJ Alguacil
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 104, 551-558, 2013
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