Franciszek Firszt
Franciszek Firszt
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Institute of Physics
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Composition dependence of the unit cell dimensions and the energy gap in Zn1-xMgxSe crystals
F Firszt, H Meczynska, B Sekulska, J Szatkowski, W Paszkowicz, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 10 (2), 197, 1995
S. L↩ egowski, H. M↩ eczynska, J. Szatkowski, W. Paszkowicz, K. Godwod
F Firszt
J. Cryst. Growth, 184-185, 0
Deposition and characterization of p‐type cadmium telluride films
TL Chu, SS Chu, F Firszt, HA Naseem, R Stawski
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B Derkowska, Z Essaidi, B Sahraoui, A Marasek, F Firszt, M Kujawa
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Growth and optical characterization of Cd1‐xBexSe and Cd1‐xMgxSe crystals
F Firszt, AA Wronkowska, A Wronkowski, S Łęgowski, A Marasek, ...
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2005
Luminescence of Zn1− xMgxSe, Zn1− xMgxSe: Al and Zn1− xMgxSe: I mixed crystals grown by Bridgman method
F Firszt, S Łęgowski, H Męczyńska, HL Oczkowski, W Osińska, ...
Journal of crystal growth 159 (1-4), 167-170, 1996
Near-forward Raman study of a phonon-polariton reinforcement regime in the Zn (Se, S) alloy
R Hajj Hussein, O Pagès, F Firszt, A Marasek, W Paszkowicz, A Maillard, ...
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W Paszkowicz, K Godwod, J Domagała, F Firszt, J Szatkowski, ...
Solid state communications 107 (12), 735-740, 1998
Luminescence properties of MgxZn1-xSe crystals
F Firszt
Semiconductor science and technology 8 (5), 712, 1993
Study of the third order nonlinear optical properties of Zn1− xMgxSe and Cd1− xMgxSe crystals
B Derkowska, F Firszt, B Sahraoui, A Marasek, M Kujawa
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On the optimization of experimental parameters in photopyroelectric investigation of thermal diffusivity of solids
K Strzałkowski, D Dadarlat, M Streza, F Firszt
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Characterization of defects in (ZnMg) Se compounds by positron annihilation and photoluminescence
F Plazaola, K Saarinen, L Dobrzynski, H Reniewicz, F Firszt, J Szatkowski, ...
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Percolation-type multi-phonon pattern of Zn (Se, S): Backward/forward Raman scattering and ab initio calculations
RH Hussein, O Pagès, S Doyen-Schuler, H Dicko, AV Postnikov, F Firszt, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 644, 704-720, 2015
Raman, Photoluminescence and Photoacoustic Investigations of Zn1–x–yBexMnySe Mixed Crystals
F Rozpłoch, J Patyk, F Firszt, S Łȩgowski, H Mȩczyńska, J Zakrzewski, ...
physica status solidi (b) 229 (2), 707-709, 2002
A linear relationship between the Hall carrier concentration and the effective absorption coefficient measured by means of photothermal radiometry in IR semi-transparent n-type …
M Pawlak, M Maliński, F Firszt, J Pelzl, A Ludwig, A Marasek
Measurement Science and Technology 25 (3), 035204, 2014
Lattice relaxation in the highly-contrasted alloy: An extended x-ray absorption fine structure study
T Ganguli, J Mazher, A Polian, SK Deb, F Villain, O Pages, W Paszkowicz, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (8), 083539, 2010
S.¦ gowski, H. M¦ czy «ska, J. Szatkowski, W. Paszkowicz, M. Marczak
F Firszt
J. Cryst. Growth 184 (185), 1053, 1998
High pressure x-ray diffraction and extended x-ray absorption fine structure studies on ternary alloy
GM Bhalerao, A Polian, M Gauthier, JP Itié, F Baudelet, T Ganguli, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (8), 083533, 2010
Thermal Transport Properties of Cd1-x Mg x Se Mixed Crystals Measured by Means of the Photopyroelectric Method
M Pawlak, F Firszt, S Łęgowski, H Męczyńska, J Gibkes, J Pelzl
International Journal of Thermophysics 31, 187-198, 2010
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