Marcel Snels
Marcel Snels
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Spectroscopic evidence for NAT, STS, and ice in MIPAS infrared limb emission measurements of polar stratospheric clouds
M Höpfner, BP Luo, P Massoli, F Cairo, R Spang, M Snels, ...
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Measurements and modelling of high pressure pure CO2 spectra from 750 to 8500 cm− 1. I—central and wing regions of the allowed vibrational bands
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IR dissociation of ammonia clusters
M Snels, R Fantoni, R Sanders, WL Meerts
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M Snels, V Horká‐Zelenková, H Hollenstein, M Quack
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Variability of aerosol vertical distribution in the Sahel
O Cavalieri, F Cairo, F Fierli, G Di Donfrancesco, M Snels, M Viterbini, ...
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I Tritscher, MC Pitts, LR Poole, SP Alexander, F Cairo, MP Chipperfield, ...
Reviews of geophysics 59 (2), e2020RG000702, 2021
The NH and ND stretching fundamentals of 14
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Detection and identification of TNT, 2, 4-DNT and 2, 6-DNT by near-infrared cavity ringdown spectroscopy
M Snels, T Venezia, L Belfiore
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Morphology of the tropopause layer and lower stratosphere above a tropical cyclone: a case study on cyclone Davina (1999)
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Development and airborne operation of a compact water isotope ratio infrared spectrometer
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Rotational analysis of the ν1 band of trichlorofluoromethane from high resolution Fourier transform and diode laser spectra of supersonic jets and isotopically …
M Snels, A Beil, H Hollenstein, M Quack, U Schmitt, F d’Amato
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J Geraedts, MNN Snels, S Stolte, J Reuss
Chemical physics letters 106 (5), 377-381, 1984
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