Marcin Churski
Marcin Churski
MRI PAS, Białowieża
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Do ungulates preferentially feed in forest gaps in European temperate forest?
DPJ Kuijper, JPGM Cromsigt, M Churski, B Adam, B Jędrzejewska, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 258 (7), 1528-1535, 2009
Landscape of fear in Europe: wolves affect spatial patterns of ungulate browsing in Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland
DPJ Kuijper, C De Kleine, M Churski, P Van Hooft, J Bubnicki, ...
Ecography 36 (12), 1263-1275, 2013
Hunting for fear: innovating management of human–wildlife conflicts
JPGM Cromsigt, DPJ Kuijper, M Adam, RL Beschta, M Churski, A Eycott, ...
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Tree age is a key factor for the conservation of epiphytic lichens and bryophytes in beech forests
Ö Fritz, M Niklasson, M Churski
Applied Vegetation Science 12 (1), 93-106, 2009
Bottom‐up versus top‐down control of tree regeneration in the Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland
DPJ Kuijper, JPGM Cromsigt, B Jędrzejewska, S Miścicki, M Churski, ...
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A 350‐year tree‐ring fire record from Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland: Implications for Central European lowland fire history
M Niklasson, E Zin, T Zielonka, M Feijen, AF Korczyk, M Churski, ...
Journal of Ecology 98 (6), 1319-1329, 2010
Fluctuating ungulate density shapes tree recruitment in natural stands of the Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland
DPJ Kuijper, B Jędrzejewska, B Brzeziecki, M Churski, W Jędrzejewski, ...
Journal of Vegetation Science 21 (6), 1082-1098, 2010
What cues do ungulates use to assess predation risk in dense temperate forests?
DPJ Kuijper, M Verwijmeren, M Churski, A Zbyryt, K Schmidt, ...
PLoS One 9 (1), e84607, 2014
Context dependence of risk effects: wolves and tree logs create patches of fear in an old-growth forest
DPJ Kuijper, JW Bubnicki, M Churski, B Mols, P Van Hooft
Behavioral Ecology 26 (6), 1558-1568, 2015
Do wild ungulates experience higher stress with humans than with large carnivores?
A Zbyryt, JW Bubnicki, DPJ Kuijper, M Dehnhard, M Churski, K Schmidt
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Close anthropogenic control of Fagus sylvatica establishment and expansion in a Swedish protected landscape – implications for forest history and conservation
M Lindbladh, M Niklasson, M Karlsson, L Björkman, M Churski
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Brown world forests: increased ungulate browsing keeps temperate trees in recruitment bottlenecks in resource hotspots
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Keep the wolf from the door: How to conserve wolves in Europe's human-dominated landscapes?
DPJ Kuijper, M Churski, A Trouwborst, M Heurich, C Smit, GIH Kerley, ...
Biological Conservation 235, 102-111, 2019
Is the impact of loggings in the last primeval lowland forest in Europe underestimated? The conservation issues of Białowieża Forest
G Mikusiński, JW Bubnicki, M Churski, D Czeszczewik, W Walankiewicz, ...
Biological conservation 227, 266-274, 2018
trapper: an open source web‐based application to manage camera trapping projects
JW Bubnicki, M Churski, DPJ Kuijper
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7 (10), 1209-1216, 2016
Disease-induced mortality outweighs hunting in causing wild boar population crash after african swine fever outbreak
K Morelle, J Bubnicki, M Churski, J Gryz, T Podgórski, DPJ Kuijper
Frontiers in veterinary science 7, 378, 2020
Safe for saplings not safe for seeds: Quercus robur recruitment in relation to coarse woody debris in Białowieża Primeval Forest, Poland
HAL Van Ginkel, DPJ Kuijper, M Churski, K Zub, P Szafrańska, C Smit
Forest Ecology and Management 304, 73-79, 2013
Doubting dung: eDNA reveals high rates of misidentification in diverse European ungulate communities
R Spitzer, M Churski, A Felton, M Heurich, DPJ Kuijper, M Landman, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 65, 1-14, 2019
Linking spatial patterns of terrestrial herbivore community structure to trophic interactions
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Drivers of synchronized vigilance in wild boar groups
T Podgórski, S de Jong, JW Bubnicki, DPJ Kuijper, M Churski, ...
Behavioral Ecology 27 (4), 1097-1103, 2016
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