Israel Halperin
Israel Halperin
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Interpreting signal amplitudes in surface electromyography studies in sport and rehabilitation sciences
AD Vigotsky, I Halperin, GJ Lehman, GS Trajano, TM Vieira
Frontiers in physiology 8, 985, 2018
Roller massager improves range of motion of plantar flexor muscles without subsequent decreases in force parameters
I Halperin, SJ Aboodarda, DC Button, LL Andersen, DG Behm
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Rating of perceived effort: methodological concerns and future directions
I Halperin, A Emanuel
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Threats to internal validity in exercise science: a review of overlooked confounding variables
I Halperin, DB Pyne, DT Martin
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Strengthening the practice of exercise and sport-science research
I Halperin, AD Vigotsky, C Foster, DB Pyne
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Choices enhance punching performance of competitive kickboxers
I Halperin, DW Chapman, DT Martin, R Lewthwaite, G Wulf
Psychological research 81, 1051-1058, 2017
Unilateral isometric muscle fatigue decreases force production and activation of contralateral knee extensors but not elbow flexors
I Halperin, D Copithorne, DG Behm
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 39 (12), 1338-1344, 2014
Staying physically active during the COVID-19 quarantine: exploring the feasibility of live, online, group training sessions among older adults
H Schwartz, I Har-Nir, T Wenhoda, I Halperin
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Current evidence and practical applications of flywheel eccentric overload exercises as postactivation potentiation protocols: A brief review
M Beato, SA McErlain-Naylor, I Halperin, AD Iacono
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Knee extension fatigue attenuates repeated force production of the elbow flexors
I Halperin, SJ Aboodarda, DG Behm
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The effects of attentional focus instructions on punching velocity and impact forces among trained combat athletes
I Halperin, DW Chapman, DT Martin, C Abbiss
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I Halperin, T Malleron, I Har-Nir, P Androulakis-Korakakis, M Wolf, ...
Sports Medicine, 1-14, 2022
High tempo music prolongs high intensity exercise
ME Maddigan, KM Sullivan, I Halperin, FA Basset, DG Behm
PeerJ 6, e6164, 2019
Acute effects of different foam rolling volumes in the interset rest period on maximum repetition performance
ER Monteiro, A Vigotsky, J Škarabot, AF Brown, AGF de Melo Fiuza, ...
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal 36, 57-62, 2017
Autonomy: a missing ingredient of a successful program?
I Halperin, G Wulf, AD Vigotsky, BJ Schoenfeld, DG Behm
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Longing for a longitudinal proxy: Acutely measured surface EMG amplitude is not a validated predictor of muscle hypertrophy
AD Vigotsky, I Halperin, GS Trajano, TM Vieira
Sports Medicine 52 (2), 193-199, 2022
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