christoph wiesner
christoph wiesner
Professor Medical Biotechnology
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CXCL9 induces chemotaxis, chemorepulsion and endothelial barrier disruption through CXCR3-mediated activation of melanoma cells
S Amatschek, R Lucas, A Eger, M Pflueger, H Hundsberger, C Knoll, ...
British journal of cancer 104 (3), 469-479, 2011
Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities of endophytic fungi Talaromyces wortmannii extracts against acne-inducing bacteria
A Pretsch, M Nagl, K Schwendinger, B Kreiseder, M Wiederstein, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e97929, 2014
α‐Catulin downregulates E‐cadherin and promotes melanoma progression and invasion
B Kreiseder, L Orel, C Bujnow, S Buschek, M Pflueger, W Schuett, ...
International journal of cancer 132 (3), 521-530, 2013
TNF: a moonlighting protein at the interface between cancer and infection
H Hundsberger, A Verin, C Wiesner, M Pfluger, A Dulebo, W Schutt, ...
Front Biosci 13 (7), 5374-5386, 2008
A highly conserved proapoptotic gene, IKIP, located next to the APAF1 gene locus, is regulated by p53
R Hofer-Warbinek, JA Schmid, H Mayer, G Winsauer, L Orel, B Mueller, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 11 (12), 1317-1325, 2004
α-Catulin, a Rho signalling component, can regulate NF-κB through binding to IKK-β, and confers resistance to apoptosis
C Wiesner, G Winsauer, U Resch, M Hoeth, JA Schmid, J van Hengel, ...
Oncogene 27 (15), 2159-2169, 2008
Organotypic three-dimensional cancer cell cultures mirror drug responses in vivo: lessons learned from the inhibition of EGFR signaling
N Jacobi, R Seeboeck, E Hofmann, H Schweiger, V Smolinska, T Mohr, ...
Oncotarget 8 (64), 107423, 2017
Tetrahydroanthraquinone derivative (±)-4-deoxyaustrocortilutein induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in melanoma cells via upregulation of p21 and p53 and downregulation of …
M Genov, B Kreiseder, M Nagl, E Drucker, M Wiederstein, B Muellauer, ...
Journal of Cancer 7 (5), 555, 2016
Alpha-catulin contributes to drug-resistance of melanoma by activating NF-κB and AP-1
B Kreiseder, YM Holper-Schichl, B Muellauer, N Jacobi, A Pretsch, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0119402, 2015
Effects of halide ions on the carbamidocyclophane biosynthesis in Nostoc sp. CAVN2
M Preisitsch, SE Heiden, M Beerbaum, THJ Niedermeyer, M Schneefeld, ...
Marine drugs 14 (1), 21, 2016
Down-modulation of CXCR3 surface expression and function in CD8+ T cells from cutaneous T cell lymphoma patients
D Winter, J Moser, E Kriehuber, C Wiesner, R Knobler, F Trautinger, ...
The Journal of Immunology 179 (6), 4272-4282, 2007
A combined impedance and AlphaLISA-based approach to identify anti-inflammatory and barrier-protective compounds in human endothelium
M Pflüger, A Kapuscik, R Lucas, A Koppensteiner, M Katzlinger, J Jokela, ...
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Anti-MRSA-acting carbamidocyclophanes H–L from the Vietnamese cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. CAVN2
M Preisitsch, K Harmrolfs, HTL Pham, SE Heiden, A Füssel, C Wiesner, ...
The Journal of antibiotics 68 (3), 165-177, 2015
Cylindrofridins A–C, Linear Cylindrocyclophane-Related Alkylresorcinols from the Cyanobacterium Cylindrospermum stagnale
M Preisitsch, THJ Niedermeyer, SE Heiden, I Neidhardt, J Kumpfmüller, ...
Journal of natural products 79 (1), 106-115, 2016
A functional screening assay for the isolation of transcription factors
C Wiesner, M Hoeth, BR Binder, R de Martin
Nucleic acids research 30 (16), e80-e80, 2002
Endothelial cell-based methods for the detection of cyanobacterial anti-inflammatory and wound-healing promoting metabolites
C Wiesner, J Kopecky, M Pflueger, H Hundsberger, B Entler, C Kleber, ...
Drug metabolism letters 1 (4), 254-260, 2007
The combinatorial approach of laser-captured microdissection and reverse transcription quantitative polymerase chain reaction accurately determines HER2 status in breast cancer
E Hofmann, R Seeboeck, N Jacobi, P Obrist, S Huter, C Klein, K Oender, ...
Biomarker research 4 (1), 1-9, 2016
Implementation of ECIS technology for the characterization of potential therapeutic drugs that promote wound-healing
C Wiesner, M Pflüger, J Kopecky, D Stys, B Entler, R Lucas, ...
GMS Krankenhaushygiene interdisziplinar 3 (1), 2008
Promoter methylation of selected genes in non-small-cell lung cancer patients and cell lines
V Sarne, S Huter, S Braunmueller, L Rakob, N Jacobi, M Kitzwögerer, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (13), 4595, 2020
Concentration-Dependent Pro-and Antitumor Activities of Quercetin in Human Melanoma Spheroids: Comparative Analysis of 2D and 3D Cell Culture Models
H Hundsberger, A Stierschneider, V Sarne, D Ripper, J Schimon, ...
Molecules 26 (3), 717, 2021
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