Carel W. Windt
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MRI of long‐distance water transport: a comparison of the phloem and xylem flow characteristics and dynamics in poplar, castor bean, tomato and tobacco
CW Windt, FJ Vergeldt, PA De Jager, H Van As
Plant, Cell & Environment 29 (9), 1715-1729, 2006
Sieve tube geometry in relation to phloem flow
DL Mullendore, CW Windt, H Van As, M Knoblauch
The Plant Cell 22 (3), 579-593, 2010
Stomatal closure, basal leaf embolism, and shedding protect the hydraulic integrity of grape stems
U Hochberg, CW Windt, A Ponomarenko, YJ Zhang, J Gersony, ...
Plant Physiology 174 (2), 764-775, 2017
Non-invasive approaches for phenotyping of enhanced performance traits in bean
U Rascher, S Blossfeld, F Fiorani, S Jahnke, M Jansen, AJ Kuhn, ...
Functional Plant Biology 38 (12), 968-983, 2011
A portable Halbach magnet that can be opened and closed without force: the NMR-CUFF
CW Windt, H Soltner, D Van Dusschoten, P Blümler
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 208 (1), 27-33, 2011
Most water in the tomato truss is imported through the xylem, not the phloem: a nuclear magnetic resonance flow imaging study
CW Windt, E Gerkema, H Van As
Plant Physiology 151 (2), 830-842, 2009
Grapevine petioles are more sensitive to drought induced embolism than stems: evidence from in vivo MRI and microcomputed tomography observations of hydraulic vulnerability …
U Hochberg, C Albuquerque, S Rachmilevitch, H Cochard, ...
Plant, cell & environment 39 (9), 1886-1894, 2016
Effects of cold‐girdling on flows in the transport phloem in Ricinus communis: is mass flow inhibited?
AD Peuke, C Windt, H Van As
Plant, Cell & Environment 29 (1), 15-25, 2006
A portable NMR sensor to measure dynamic changes in the amount of water in living stems or fruit and its potential to measure sap flow
CW Windt, P Blümler
Tree Physiology 35, 366-375, 2015
Slower phloem transport in gymnosperm trees can be attributed to higher sieve element resistance
J Liesche, C Windt, T Bohr, A Schulz, KH Jensen
Tree physiology 35 (4), 376-386, 2015
In vivo pressure gradient heterogeneity increases flow contribution of small diameter vessels in grapevine
M Bouda, CW Windt, AJ McElrone, CR Brodersen
Nature Communications 10 (1), 1-10, 2019
Microscopic imaging of slow flow and diffusion: a pulsed field gradient stimulated echo sequence combined with turbo spin echo imaging
TWJ Scheenen, FJ Vergeldt, CW Windt, PA De Jager, H Van As
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 151 (1), 94-100, 2001
Phloem flow and sugar transport in Ricinus communis L. is inhibited under anoxic conditions of shoot or roots
AD Peuke, A Gessler, S Trumbore, CW Windt, N Homan, E Gerkema, ...
Plant, Cell & Environment, 2014
0.7 and 3 T MRI and sap flow in intact trees: xylem and phloem in action
NM Homan, CW Windt, FJ Vergeldt, E Gerkema, H Van As
Applied Magnetic Resonance 32 (1), 157-170, 2007
Rhizophoraceae mangrove saplings use hypocotyl and leaf water storage capacity to cope with soil water salinity changes
S Lechthaler, EMR Robert, N Tonné, A Prusova, E Gerkema, H Van As, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 895, 2016
MRI of water transport in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere continuum
H Van As, N Homan, FJ Vergeldt, CW Windt
Magnetic resonance microscopy: spatially resolved NMR techniques and …, 2009
Low field, time domain NMR in the agriculture and agrifood sectors: An overview of applications in plants, foods and biofuels
LA Colnago, Z Wiesman, G Pages, M Musse, T Monaretto, CW Windt, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 323, 106899, 2021
Heat girdling does not affect xylem integrity: an in vivo magnetic resonance imaging study in the tomato peduncle
BAE Van de Wal, CW Windt, O Leroux, K Steppe
New Phytologist 215 (2), 558-568, 2017
Dipolar openable Halbach magnet design for high-gradient magnetic filtration
K Menzel, CW Windt, JA Lindner, A Michel, H Nirschl
Separation and Purification Technology 105, 114-120, 2013
Real-time mapping of moisture migration in cereal based food systems with Aw contrast by means of MRI
WP Węglarz, M Hemelaar, K van der Linden, N Franciosi, G van Dalen, ...
Food chemistry 106 (4), 1366-1374, 2008
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