Oleksandr Tashyrev | Александр Таширев | Олександр Таширев |  Oleksandr Tashirev| OB Tashyrev
Oleksandr Tashyrev | Александр Таширев | Олександр Таширев | Oleksandr Tashirev| OB Tashyrev
professor, Dr. Technical Sci., PhD (Biology)
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Ecophysiological properties of cultivable heterotrophic bacteria and yeasts dominating in phytocenoses of Galindez Island, maritime Antarctica
E Vasileva-Tonkova, V Romanovskaya, G Gladka, D Gouliamova, ...
World journal of microbiology and biotechnology 30, 1387-1398, 2014
Hydrogen dark fermentation for degradation of solid and liquid food waste
V Hovorukha, O Havryliuk, G Gladka, O Tashyrev, A Kalinichenko, ...
Energies 14 (7), 1831, 2021
Method for determining organic compound concentration in biological systems by permanganate redox titration
О Suslova, V Govorukha, О Brovarskaya, N Matveeva, H Tashyreva, ...
International Journal Bioautomation 18 (1), 45, 2014
Anaerobic Degradation of Environmentally Hazardous Aquatic Plant Pistia stratiotes and Soluble Cu(II) Detoxification by Methanogenic Granular Microbial …
O Havryliuk, V Hovorukha, O Savitsky, V Trilis, A Kalinichenko, ...
Energies 14 (13), 3849, 2021
Overview of the process of enzymatic transformation of biomass
N Singh, A Devi, MB Bishnoi, R Jaryal, A Dahiya, O Tashyrev, ...
Elements of bioeconomy, 2019
Spatial succession for degradation of solid multicomponent food waste and purification of toxic leachate with the obtaining of Biohydrogen and biomethane
O Tashyrev, V Hovorukha, O Havryliuk, I Sioma, G Gladka, ...
Energies 15 (3), 911, 2022
The novel comprehensive approach for non-food agricultural and landfill biomass microbial fermentation and biogas production
A Tashyreva, O Tashyrev, I Prytula
Biotechnology and Plant Breeding Perspectives, 347-356, 2014
Draft whole genome sequence for four highly copper resistant soil isolates Pseudomonas lactis strain UKR1, Pseudomonas panacis strain UKR2, and Pseudomonas veronii strains UKR3 …
O Havryliuk, V Hovorukha, M Patrauchan, NH Youssef, O Tashyrev
Current Research in Microbial Sciences 1, 44-52, 2020
The effect of mixing modes on biohydrogen yield and spatial ph gradient at dark fermentation of solid food waste
H Tashyreva, O Tashyrev, V Govorukha, O Havryliuk
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Prot 10, 53-62, 2017
Integrated Approach for Development of Environmental Biotechnologies for Treatment of Solid Organic Waste and Obtaining of Biohydrogen and Lignocellulosic Substrate
VM Hovorukha, OB Tashyrev, NA Matvieieva, HO Tashyreva, ...
Environmental Research, Engineering and Management 74 (4), 31-42, 2018
The complex researches of structure and functions of Antarctic terrestrial microbial communities
OB Tashyrev
Український антарктичний журнал, 2009
Anaerobic Degradation of the Invasive Weed Solidago canadensis L. (goldenrod) and Copper Immobilization by a Community of Sulfate-Reducing and Methane …
O Havryliuk, V Hovorukha, I Bida, G Gladka, A Tymoshenko, S Kyrylov, ...
Plants 12 (1), 198, 2023
Microbial diversity in terrestrial Antarctic biotopes
VA Romanovskaya, OB Tashyrev, PV Rokitko, SO Shilin, NA Chernaya, ...
Український антарктичний журнал, 2009
Thermodynamic substantiation of integral mechanisms of microbial interaction with metals
V Hovorukha, O Havryliuk, H Tashyreva, O Tashyrev, I Sioma
Ecol. Eng. Environ. Prot 2018, 55-63, 2018
Express Method for Redox Potential and pH Measuring in Microbial Cultures.
O Tashyrev, I Prekrasna
International Journal Bioautomation 18 (3), 2014
High efficiency of food waste fermentation and biohydrogen production in experimental-industrial anaerobic batch reactor
V Hovorukha, O Tashyrev, O Havryliuk, L Iastremska
The Open Agriculture Journal 14 (1), 2020
Application of lignocellulosic substrate obtained after hydrogen dark fermentation of food waste as biofertilizer
OB Tashyrev, NA Matvieieva, VM Hovorukha, HO Tashyreva, OI Bielikova, ...
Industrial biotechnology 14 (6), 315-322, 2018
Regularities of quantitative distribution for Fe (III)-reducing bacteria in natural ecosystems
VM Govorukha, OA Havrylyuk, OB Tashyrev
Biotechnologia Acta 8 (3), 123-128, 2015
Bioremoval of hazardous cobalt, nickel, chromium, copper and cadmium compounds from contaminated soil by Nicotiana tabacum plants and associated microbiome
OA Havryliuk, VM Hovorukha, GV Gladka, IO Bida, OB Tashyrev, ...
Biosystems Diversity 29 (2), 88-93, 2021
Copper resistant strain Candida tropicalis RomCu5 interaction with soluble and insoluble copper compounds
OB Tashyrev
Biotechnologia Acta 8 (5), 93-103, 2015
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