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Influence of viscous and capillary forces on immiscible fluid displacement: Pore-scale experimental study in a water-wet micromodel demonstrating viscous and capillary fingering
C Zhang, M Oostrom, TW Wietsma, JW Grate, MG Warner
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STOMP subsurface transport over multiple phases version 3.0 User's guide
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H Liu, AJ Valocchi, C Werth, Q Kang, M Oostrom
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Experimental Study of Crossover from Capillary to Viscous Fingering for Supercritical CO2–Water Displacement in a Homogeneous Pore Network
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JW Grate, KJ Dehoff, MG Warner, JW Pittman, TW Wietsma, C Zhang, ...
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C Zhang, K Dehoff, N Hess, M Oostrom, TW Wietsma, AJ Valocchi, ...
Environmental science & technology 44 (20), 7833-7838, 2010
In-situ oxidation of trichloroethene by permanganate: effects on porous medium hydraulic properties
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Movement and remediation of trichloroethylene in a saturated heterogeneous porous medium: 1. Spill behavior and initial dissolution
M Oostrom, C Hofstee, RC Walker, JH Dane
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A constitutive model for air–NAPL–water flow in the vadose zone accounting for immobile, non-occluded (residual) NAPL in strongly water-wet porous media
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Pore‐scale and multiscale numerical simulation of flow and transport in a laboratory‐scale column
TD Scheibe, WA Perkins, MC Richmond, MI McKinley, ...
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A review of multidimensional, multifluid, intermediate‐scale experiments: Flow behavior, saturation imaging, and tracer detection and quantification
M Oostrom, JH Dane, TW Wietsma
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L Zhong, J Szecsody, M Oostrom, M Truex, X Shen, X Li
Journal of Hazardous Materials 191 (1-3), 249-257, 2011
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