Mehri Sanati
Mehri Sanati
Professor of Energy Technology
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Cytowane przez
Comparison of high-solids to liquid anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and green waste
X Chen, W Yan, K Sheng, M Sanati
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Vanadia catalysts on anatase, rutile, and TiO2 (B) for the ammoxidation of toluene: an ESR and high-resolution electron microscopy characterization
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Deactivation of oxidation and SCR catalysts used in flue gas cleaning by exposure to aerosols of high-and low melting point salts, potassium salts and zinc chloride
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Gelatin nanoparticle fabrication and optimization of the particle size
M Jahanshahi, MH Sanati, S Hajizadeh, Z Babaei
physica status solidi (a) 205 (12), 2898-2902, 2008
Laboratory and field test of a sampling method for characterization of combustion aerosols at high temperatures
M Strand, M Bohgard, E Swietlicki, A Gharibi, M Sanati
Aerosol Science and Technology 38 (8), 757-765, 2004
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