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Innate immunity and inflammation of the bovine female reproductive tract in health and disease
IM Sheldon, JG Cronin, GD Healey, C Gabler, W Heuwieser, D Streyl, ...
Reproduction 148 (3), R41-R51, 2014
Effects of stress on reproduction in ewes
H Dobson, C Fergani, JE Routly, RF Smith
Animal Reproduction Science 130 (3-4), 135-140, 2012
Insulin: its role in the central control of reproduction
JH Sliwowska, C Fergani, M Gawałek, B Skowronska, P Fichna, ...
Physiology & behavior 133, 197-206, 2014
PACAP neurons in the ventral premammillary nucleus regulate reproductive function in the female mouse
RA Ross, S Leon, JC Madara, D Schafer, C Fergani, CA Maguire, ...
Elife 7, e35960, 2018
Expanding the role of tachykinins in the neuroendocrine control of reproduction
C Fergani, VM Navarro
Reproduction 153 (1), R1-R14, 2016
Hypothalamic reproductive endocrine pulse generator activity independent of neurokinin B and dynorphin signaling
MF Lippincott, S León, YM Chan, C Fergani, R Talbi, IS Farooqi, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 104 (10), 4304-4318, 2019
Estrous behavior, luteinizing hormone and estradiol profiles of intact ewes treated with insulin or endotoxin
C Fergani, AK Saifullizam, JE Routly, RF Smith, H Dobson
Physiology & behavior 105 (3), 757-765, 2012
Prenatal testosterone excess decreases neurokinin 3 receptor immunoreactivity within the arcuate nucleus knd y cell population
T Ahn, C Fergani, LM Coolen, V Padmanabhan, MN Lehman
Journal of neuroendocrinology 27 (2), 100-110, 2015
Do substance P and neurokinin A play important roles in the control of LH secretion in ewes?
C Fergani, L Mazzella, LM Coolen, RB McCosh, SL Hardy, N Newcomb, ...
Endocrinology 157 (12), 4829-4841, 2016
Tachykinin signaling is required for induction of the preovulatory luteinizing hormone surge and normal luteinizing hormone pulses
S León, C Fergani, R Talbi, CA Maguire, A Gerutshang, SB Seminara, ...
Neuroendocrinology 111 (6), 542-554, 2021
NKB signaling in the posterodorsal medial amygdala stimulates gonadotropin release in a kisspeptin-independent manner in female mice
C Fergani, S Leon, SL Padilla, AMJ Verstegen, RD Palmiter, VM Navarro
Elife 7, e40476, 2018
Kisspeptin, c-Fos and CRFR type 2 expression in the preoptic area and mediobasal hypothalamus during the follicular phase of intact ewes, and alteration after LPS
C Fergani, JE Routly, DN Jones, LC Pickavance, RF Smith, H Dobson
Physiology & behavior 110, 158-168, 2013
Characterization of the role of NKA in the control of puberty onset and gonadotropin release in the female mouse
S León, C Fergani, R Talbi, S Simavli, CA Maguire, A Gerutshang, ...
Endocrinology 160 (10), 2453-2463, 2019
Sex-specific pubertal and metabolic regulation of Kiss1 neurons via Nhlh2
S Leon, R Talbi, EA McCarthy, K Ferrari, C Fergani, L Naule, JH Choi, ...
Elife 10, e69765, 2021
Activation of cells containing estrogen receptor alpha or somatostatin in the medial preoptic area, arcuate nucleus, and ventromedial nucleus of intact ewes during the …
C Fergani, JE Routly, DN Jones, LC Pickavance, RF Smith, H Dobson
Biology of reproduction 91 (6), 141, 1-12, 2014
KNDy neurone activation prior to the LH surge of the ewe is disrupted by LPS
C Fergani, JE Routly, DN Jones, LC Pickavance, RF Smith, H Dobson
Reproduction 154 (3), 281-292, 2017
Kisspeptin, c‐F os and CRFR Type 2 Co‐expression in the Hypothalamus after Insulin‐Induced Hypoglycaemia
C Fergani, JE Routly, DN Jones, LC Pickavance, RF Smith, H Dobson
Reproduction in domestic animals 49 (3), 433-440, 2014
Localization of kisspeptin, NKB, and NK3R in the hypothalamus of gilts treated with the progestin altrenogest
AN Lindo, JF Thorson, MN Bedenbaugh, RB McCosh, JA Lopez, ...
Biology of Reproduction 105 (4), 1056-1067, 2021
Co‐Expression of c‐Fos with Oestradiol Receptor α or Somatostatin in the Arcuate Nucleus, Ventromedial Nucleus and Medial Preoptic Area in the Follicular Phase of Intact Ewes …
C Fergani, JE Routly, DN Jones, LC Pickavance, RF Smith, H Dobson
Reproduction in domestic animals 50 (1), 68-75, 2015
SAT-405 Activation of Kiss1 Neurons in the Posterodorsal Medial Amygdala Stimulates Gonadotropin Release via the Release of Kisspeptin in Female Mice
C Fergani, E McCarthy, S Leon, V Navarro
Journal of the Endocrine Society 3 (Supplement_1), SAT-405, 2019
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