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Disclosure of the nanostructure of MDMO-PPV: PCBM bulk hetero-junction organic solar cells by a combination of SPM and TEM
T Martens, J d’Haen, T Munters, Z Beelen, L Goris, J Manca, ...
Synthetic Metals 138 (1-2), 243-247, 2003
Observation of the subgap optical absorption in polymer-fullerene blend solar cells
L Goris, A Poruba, L Hod’Ákova, M Vaněček, K Haenen, M Nesládek, ...
Applied physics letters 88 (5), 052113, 2006
Absorption phenomena in organic thin films for solar cell applications investigated by photothermal deflection spectroscopy
L Goris, K Haenen, M Nesladek, P Wagner, D Vanderzande, ...
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A comparison between state-of-the-art ‘gilch’and ‘sulphinyl’synthesised MDMO-PPV/PCBM bulk hetero-junction solar cells
T Munters, T Martens, L Goris, V Vrindts, J Manca, L Lutsen, ...
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Calculation of elastic constants for an amorphous metal and the influence of relaxation
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Poly (5, 6-dithiooctylisothianaphtene), a new low band gap polymer: spectroscopy and solar cell construction
L Goris, MA Loi, A Cravino, H Neugebauer, NS Sariciftci, I Polec, L Lutsen, ...
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Calculation of some metallic-glass properties, based on the use of a Gaussian distribution for the nearest-neighbour distance III. Elastic constants
G Knuyt, LM Stals
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Effect of oxygen on the electrical characteristics of PPV-LEDs
J Manca, W Bijnens, R Kiebooms, J D'Haen, M D'Olieslaeger, TD Wu, ...
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Interface study of TiN-and Ti TiN-coated stainless steel AISI 304 with asymmetric glancing angle X-ray diffraction and classical Bragg-Brentano X-ray diffraction
C Quaeyhaegens, LM Stals, M Van Stappen, L De Schepper
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Method and apparatus for local temperature sensing for use in performing high resolution in-situ parameter measurements
L Stals, L De Schepper, J Roggen, W De Ceuninck
US Patent 5,915,838, 1999
Planar helium bubble arrays in nickel
M d'Olieslaeger, L De Schepper, G Knuyt, LM Stals
Journal of Nuclear Materials 138 (1), 27-30, 1986
The influence of small amounts of interstitial solute atoms on the determination of the activation energies for self‐diffusion and vacancy formation in α‐iron
L De Schepper, G Knuyt, LM Stals
physica status solidi (a) 67 (1), 153-162, 1981
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