Walter Lucia
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Cytowane przez
Mobile robot localization via EKF and UKF: A comparison based on real data
L D’Alfonso, W Lucia, P Muraca, P Pugliese
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 74, 122-127, 2015
A Receding Horizon Control Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Environments
G Franze, W Lucia
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 24 (2), 695 - 702, 2015
The obstacle avoidance motion planning problem for autonomous vehicles: A low-demanding receding horizon control scheme
G Franzè, W Lucia
Systems & Control Letters 77, 1-10, 2015
Cyber meets control: A novel federated approach for resilient cps leveraging real cyber threat intelligence
E Bou-Harb, W Lucia, N Forti, S Weerakkody, N Ghani, B Sinopoli
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (5), 198-204, 2017
A set-theoretic approach for secure and resilient control of cyber-physical systems subject to false data injection attacks
W Lucia, B Sinopoli, G Franze
2016 Science of Security for Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop (SOSCYPS), 1-5, 2016
An obstacle avoidance model predictive control scheme for mobile robots subject to nonholonomic constraints: A sum-of-squares approach
G Franzè, W Lucia
Journal of the Franklin Institute 352 (6), 2358-2380, 2015
Resilient control for cyber-physical systems subject to replay attacks
G Franzè, F Tedesco, W Lucia
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A distributed model predictive control scheme for leader–follower multi-agent systems
G Franzè, W Lucia, F Tedesco
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A set-theoretic reconfiguration feedback control scheme against simultaneous stuck actuators
W Lucia, D Famularo, G Franze
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 63 (8), 2558-2565, 2017
An obstacle avoidance and motion planning command governor based scheme: the qball-x4 quadrotor case of study
W Lucia, M Sznaier, G Franze
53rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 6135-6140, 2014
Distributed receding horizon control of constrained networked leader–follower formations subject to packet dropouts
G Franzè, A Casavola, D Famularo, W Lucia
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 26 (5), 1798-1809, 2017
Extended and Unscented Kalman Filters for mobile robot localization and environment reconstruction
G Cotugno, L D'Alfonso, W Lucia, P Muraca, P Pugliese
21st Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 19-26, 2013
A hybrid command governor scheme for rotary wings unmanned aerial vehicles
W Lucia, G Franzè, M Sznaier
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Multi-vehicle formation control in uncertain environments
G Franzè, W Lucia, D Famularo
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A novel control architecture for the detection of false data injection attacks in networked control systems
M Ghaderi, K Gheitasi, W Lucia
2019 American Control Conference (ACC), 139-144, 2019
A novel networked control scheme with safety guarantees for detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks
K Gheitasi, M Ghaderi, W Lucia
2019 18th European Control Conference (ECC), 1449-1454, 2019
A low computationally demanding model predictive control strategy for robust transient stability in smart grid
W Lucia, K Gheitasi, M Bagherzadeh
2018 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 6013-6018, 2018
Command governor for constrained switched systems with scheduled model transition dwell times
G Franze, W Lucia, F Tedesco
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 27 (18), 4949-4967, 2017
A set-theoretic control architecture for constrained switching systems
G Franzè, W Lucia
2016 American Control Conference (ACC), 685-690, 2016
A networked-based receding horizon scheme for constrained LPV systems
W Lucia, F Tedesco
European Journal of Control 25, 69-75, 2015
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