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The brain basis for misophonia
S Kumar, O Tansley-Hancock, W Sedley, JS Winston, MF Callaghan, ...
Current Biology 27 (4), 527-533, 2017
A brain system for auditory working memory
S Kumar, S Joseph, PE Gander, N Barascud, AR Halpern, TD Griffiths
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An integrative tinnitus model based on sensory precision
W Sedley, KJ Friston, PE Gander, S Kumar, TD Griffiths
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Neural signatures of perceptual inference
W Sedley, PE Gander, S Kumar, CK Kovach, H Oya, H Kawasaki, ...
elife 5, 2016
Management of tinnitus in English NHS audiology departments: an evaluation of current practice
DJ Hoare, PE Gander, L Collins, S Smith, DA Hall
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Intracranial mapping of a cortical tinnitus system using residual inhibition
W Sedley, PE Gander, S Kumar, H Oya, CK Kovach, KV Nourski, ...
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The demodulated band transform
CK Kovach, PE Gander
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Primary care for tinnitus: practice and opinion among GPs in England
SK El‐Shunnar, DJ Hoare, S Smith, PE Gander, S Kang, K Fackrell, ...
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Auditory network connectivity in tinnitus patients: a resting-state fMRI study
J Davies, PE Gander, M Andrews, DA Hall
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Agreement and reliability of tinnitus loudness matching and pitch likeness rating
DJ Hoare, M Edmondson-Jones, PE Gander, DA Hall
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Tinnitus referral pathways within the National Health Service in England: a survey of their perceived effectiveness among audiology staff
PE Gander, DJ Hoare, L Collins, S Smith, DA Hall
BMC health services research 11 (1), 1-11, 2011
Sequence learning modulates neural responses and oscillatory coupling in human and monkey auditory cortex
Y Kikuchi, A Attaheri, B Wilson, AE Rhone, KV Nourski, PE Gander, ...
PLoS biology 15 (4), e2000219, 2017
Evidence for differential modulation of primary and nonprimary auditory cortex by forward masking in tinnitus
LE Roberts, DJ Bosnyak, IC Bruce, PE Gander, BT Paul
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A sound-sensitive source of alpha oscillations in human non-primary auditory cortex
AJ Billig, B Herrmann, AE Rhone, PE Gander, KV Nourski, BF Snoad, ...
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Evidence for modality-specific but not frequency-specific modulation of human primary auditory cortex by attention
PE Gander, DJ Bosnyak, LE Roberts
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Tinnitus suppression in cochlear implant patients using a sound therapy app
RS Tyler, RL Owen, J Bridges, PE Gander, A Perreau, PC Mancini
American journal of audiology 27 (3), 316-323, 2018
Acoustic experience but not attention modifies neural population phase expressed in human primary auditory cortex
PE Gander, DJ Bosnyak, LE Roberts
Hearing Research 269 (1-2), 81-94, 2010
Localization of musicogenic epilepsy to Heschl’s gyrus and superior temporal plane: case report
Y Nagahama, CK Kovach, M Ciliberto, C Joshi, AE Rhone, A Vesole, ...
Journal of neurosurgery 129 (1), 157-164, 2017
Expectations for tinnitus treatment and outcomes: a survey study of audiologists and patients
FT Husain, PE Gander, JN Jansen, S Shen
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 29 (04), 313-336, 2018
Does chronic tinnitus alter the emotional response function of the amygdala?: A sound-evoked fMRI study
JE Davies, PE Gander, DA Hall
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9, 31, 2017
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