Daryl I. Vulis
Daryl I. Vulis
Graduate Student, Harvard University
Zweryfikowany adres z seas.harvard.edu
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
On-chip zero-index metamaterials
Y Li, S Kita, P Muñoz, O Reshef, DI Vulis, M Yin, M Lončar, E Mazur
Nature Photonics 9 (11), 738-742, 2015
Intracellular delivery using nanosecond-laser excitation of large-area plasmonic substrates
N Saklayen, M Huber, M Madrid, V Nuzzo, DI Vulis, W Shen, J Nelson, ...
ACS nano 11 (4), 3671-3680, 2017
Direct observation of phase-free propagation in a silicon waveguide
O Reshef, P Camayd-Muñoz, DI Vulis, Y Li, M Loncar, E Mazur
ACS Photonics 4 (10), 2385-2389, 2017
Manipulating the flow of light using Dirac-cone zero-index metamaterials
DI Vulis, O Reshef, P Camayd-Muñoz, E Mazur
Reports on Progress in Physics 82 (1), 012001, 2018
A simple two-dimensional model system to study electrostatic-self-assembly
R Cademartiri, CA Stan, VM Tran, E Wu, L Friar, D Vulis, LW Clark, ...
Soft Matter 8 (38), 9771-9791, 2012
Low-loss zero-index materials
H Tang, C DeVault, SA Camayd-Muñoz, Y Liu, D Jia, F Du, O Mello, ...
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Monolithic CMOS-compatible zero-index metamaterials
DI Vulis, Y Li, O Reshef, P Camayd-Muñoz, M Yin, S Kita, M Lončar, ...
Optics Express 25 (11), 12381-12399, 2017
On-chip all-dielectric fabrication-tolerant zero-index metamaterials
S Kita, Y Li, P Camayd-Muñoz, O Reshef, DI Vulis, RW Day, E Mazur, ...
Optics Express 25 (7), 8326-8334, 2017
Relaxed phase-matching constraints in zero-index waveguides
JR Gagnon, O Reshef, DHG Espinosa, MZ Alam, DI Vulis, EN Knall, ...
Physical Review Letters 128 (20), 203902, 2022
Lossless integrated Dirac-cone metamaterials
P Camayd-Muñoz, S Kita, O Mello, O Reshef, DI Vulis, Y Li, M Lončar, ...
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JW2A. 24, 2016
Phase-matching in dirac-cone-based zero-index metamaterials
O Reshef, Y Li, M Yin, L Christakis, DI Vulis, P Camayd-Muñoz, S Kita, ...
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JTu5A. 53, 2016
Integrated super-couplers based on zero-index metamaterials
DI Vulis, O Reshef, P Muñoz, S Kita, Y Li, M Lončar, E Mazur
Nano-Optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research and Applications, 473-474, 2017
Transition metamaterials for local-field enhancement
Y Li, P Camayd-Muñoz, DI Vulis, P Saeta, Y Peng, O Reshef, O Mello, ...
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, FM3G. 6, 2017
On-chip super-robust all-dielectric zero-index material
S Kita, Y Li, P Muñoz, O Reshef, D Vulis, B Day, E Mazur, C Lieber, ...
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, FM3C. 2, 2015
Integrated zero-index supercouplers
DI Vulis, P Camayd-Muñoz, Y Li, O Reshef, M Lončar, E Mazur
Laser Science, JW3A. 108, 2017
Long-range phase-free propagation in a dielectric metasurface
P Camayd-Muñoz, S Kita, DI Vulis, O Reshef, M Lončar, E Mazur
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, JTu5A. 39, 2017
CMOS-compatible zero-index metamaterial
DI Vulis, Y Li, O Reshef, M Yin, P Camayd-Muñoz, S Kita, M Lončar, ...
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Plasmonic Intracellular Delivery for Cell Therapy
N Saklayen, M Madrid, M Huber, B Hai, A Raun, DI Vulis, V Nuzzo, ...
Cancer Imaging and Therapy, CTh2A. 3, 2016
Integrated Zero-Index Metamaterials and Waveguides
O Reshef, P Camayd-Muñoz, DI Vulis, Y Li, M Lončar, E Mazur
Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, ITh3J. 3, 2018
Monolithic CMOS-compatible zero-index metamaterials (Conference Presentation)
DI Vulis, Y Li, O Reshef, P Camayd-Munoz, M Yin, S Kita, M Loncar, ...
Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures VIII 10541 …, 2018
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