Roozbeh Behroozmand
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Vocalization-induced enhancement of the auditory cortex responsiveness during voice F0 feedback perturbation
R Behroozmand, L Karvelis, H Liu, CR Larson
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R Behroozmand, CR Larson
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R Behroozmand, L Phillip, K Johari, L Bonilha, C Rorden, G Hickok, ...
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J Kingyon, R Behroozmand, R Kelley, H Oya, H Kawasaki, NS Narayanan, ...
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K Johari, M Walenski, J Reifegerste, F Ashrafi, R Behroozmand, M Daemi, ...
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The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 129 (6), 3946-3954, 2011
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