Anita Lewandowska
Anita Lewandowska
Gdansk University Poland
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Cytowane przez
The importance of cyanobacteria and microalgae present in aerosols to human health and the environment–Review study
K Wiśniewska, AU Lewandowska, S Śliwińska-Wilczewska
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A Witkowska, AU Lewandowska
Science of the Total Environment 573, 337-346, 2016
Identification of cyanobacteria and microalgae in aerosols of various sizes in the air over the Southern Baltic Sea
AU Lewandowska, S Śliwińska-Wilczewska, D Woźniczka
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Elemental and organic carbon in aerosols over urbanized coastal region (southern Baltic Sea, Gdynia)
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M Beldowska, D Saniewska, L Falkowska, A Lewandowska
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Mercury and chlorinated pesticides on the highest level of the food web as exemplified by herring from the Southern Baltic and African penguins from the zoo
L Falkowska, AR Reindl, E Szumiło, J Kwaśniak, M Staniszewska, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 224, 1-15, 2013
The current state of knowledge on taxonomy, modulating factors, ecological roles, and mode of action of phytoplankton allelochemicals
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Effect of agriculture and vegetation on carbonaceous aerosol concentrations (PM2. 5 and PM10) in Puszcza Borecka National Nature Reserve (Poland)
A Witkowska, AU Lewandowska, D Saniewska, LM Falkowska
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AU Lewandowska, LM Falkowska
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Parallel measurements of organic and elemental carbon dry (PM1, PM2. 5) and wet (rain, snow, mixed) deposition into the Baltic Sea
A Witkowska, A Lewandowska, LM Falkowska
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Factors determining the fluctuation of fluoride concentrations in PM10 aerosols in the urbanized coastal area of the Baltic Sea (Gdynia, Poland)
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Mercury bonds with carbon (OC and EC) in small aerosols (PM1) in the urbanized coastal zone of the Gulf of Gdansk (southern Baltic)
AU Lewandowska, M Bełdowska, A Witkowska, L Falkowska, ...
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 157, 350-357, 2018
Benzo(a)pyrene parallel measurements in PM1 and PM2.5 in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Gdansk (Baltic Sea) in the heating and non-heating seasons
AU Lewandowska, M Staniszewska, A Witkowska, M Machuta, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25, 19458-19469, 2018
Organochlorine contaminants in the muscle, liver and brain of seabirds (Larus) from the coastal area of the Southern Baltic
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The effect of abiotic factors on abundance and photosynthetic performance of airborne cyanobacteria and microalgae isolated from the Southern Baltic Sea region
K Wiśniewska, S Śliwińska-Wilczewska, A Lewandowska, M Konik
Cells 10 (1), 103, 2021
Air quality at two stations (Gdynia and Rumia) located in the region of Gulf of Gdansk during periods of intensive smog in Poland
K Wiśniewska, AU Lewandowska, M Staniszewska
Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health 12 (7), 879-890, 2019
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KA Wiśniewska, S Śliwińska-Wilczewska, AU Lewandowska
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Atmospheric Mercury over the coastal zone of the Gulf of Gdańsk
M Bełdowska, L Falkowska, P Siudek, A Gajecka, A Lewandowska, ...
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 36 (3), 9-18, 2007
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