Elin Hernlund
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Vertical movement symmetry of the withers in horses with induced forelimb and hindlimb lameness at trot
M Rhodin, E Persson‐Sjodin, A Egenvall, FM Serra Bragança, T Pfau, ...
Equine veterinary journal 50 (6), 818-824, 2018
Days-lost to training and competition in relation to workload in 263 elite show-jumping horses in four European countries
A Egenvall, CA Tranquille, AC Lönnell, C Bitschnau, A Oomen, ...
Preventive veterinary medicine 112 (3-4), 387-400, 2013
Improving gait classification in horses by using inertial measurement unit (IMU) generated data and machine learning
FM Serra Bragança, S Broomé, M Rhodin, S Björnsdóttir, V Gunnarsson, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 17785, 2020
Towards machine recognition of facial expressions of pain in horses
PH Andersen, S Broomé, M Rashid, J Lundblad, K Ask, Z Li, E Hernlund, ...
Animals 11 (6), 1643, 2021
Influence of seating styles on head and pelvic vertical movement symmetry in horses ridden at trot
E Persson-Sjodin, E Hernlund, T Pfau, P Haubro Andersen, M Rhodin
PLoS One 13 (4), e0195341, 2018
Variation in training regimens in professional showjumping yards
AC Lönnell, J Bröjer, K Nostell, E Hernlund, L Roepstorff, CA Tranquille, ...
Equine veterinary journal 46 (2), 233-238, 2014
Equestrian and biomechanical perspectives on laterality in the horse
A Byström, HM Clayton, E Hernlund, M Rhodin, A Egenvall
Comparative exercise physiology 16 (1), 35-45, 2020
Kinematic characteristics of hoof landing in jumping horses at elite level
E Hernlund, A Egenvall, L Roepstorff
Equine Veterinary Journal 42, 462-467, 2010
Identification of body behaviors and facial expressions associated with induced orthopedic pain in four equine pain scales
K Ask, M Rhodin, LM Tamminen, E Hernlund, P Haubro Andersen
Animals 10 (11), 2155, 2020
Comparing subjective and objective evaluation of show jumping competition and warm-up arena surfaces
E Hernlund, A Egenvall, SJ Hobbs, ML Peterson, AJ Northrop, A Bergh, ...
The Veterinary Journal 227, 49-57, 2017
Biomechanical findings in horses showing asymmetrical vertical excursions of the withers at walk
A Byström, A Egenvall, L Roepstorff, M Rhodin, FS Braganca, E Hernlund, ...
PLoS One 13 (9), e0204548, 2018
Adaptation strategies of horses with induced forelimb lameness walking on a treadmill
FM Serra Braganca, E Hernlund, MH Thomsen, NM Waldern, M Rhodin, ...
Equine veterinary journal 53 (3), 600-611, 2021
Objectively measured movement asymmetry in yearling Standardbred trotters
AS Kallerud, CT Fjordbakk, EHS Hendrickson, E Persson‐Sjodin, ...
Equine Veterinary Journal 53 (3), 590-599, 2021
Effect of meloxicam treatment on movement asymmetry in riding horses in training
E Persson-Sjodin, E Hernlund, T Pfau, P Haubro Andersen, ...
PLoS One 14 (8), e0221117, 2019
Effect of superficial harrowing on surface properties of sand with rubber and waxed-sand with fibre riding arena surfaces: a preliminary study
CA Tranquille, VA Walker, E Hernlund, A Egenvall, L Roepstorff, ...
The Veterinary Journal 203 (1), 59-64, 2015
Quantification of the effect of instrumentation error in objective gait assessment in the horse on hindlimb symmetry parameters
FM Serra Braganca, M Rhodin, T Wiestner, E Hernlund, T Pfau, ...
Equine veterinary journal 50 (3), 370-376, 2018
hSMAL: Detailed horse shape and pose reconstruction for motion pattern recognition
C Li, N Ghorbani, S Broomé, M Rashid, MJ Black, E Hernlund, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.10102, 2021
Automatic hoof-on and-off detection in horses using hoof-mounted inertial measurement unit sensors
M Tijssen, E Hernlund, M Rhodin, S Bosch, JP Voskamp, M Nielen, ...
PloS one 15 (6), e0233266, 2020
Effect of different head and neck positions on kinematics of elite dressage horses ridden at walk on treadmill
M Rhodin, A Byström, L Roepstorff, E Hernlund, PR Van Weeren, ...
Comparative Exercise Physiology 14 (2), 69-78, 2018
Hoof accelerations at hoof-surface impact for stride types and functional limb types relevant to show jumping horses
E Hernlund, A Egenvall, ML Peterson, CA Mahaffey, L Roepstorff
The Veterinary Journal 198, e27-e32, 2013
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