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Trading off switch costs and stimulus availability benefits: An investigation of voluntary task-switching behavior in a predictable dynamic multitasking environment
V Mittelstädt, J Miller, A Kiesel
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Exploring the repetition bias in voluntary task switching
V Mittelstädt, D Dignath, M Schmidt-Ott, A Kiesel
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On the visual design of erp systems the–role of information complexity, presentation and human factors
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Passive haptic feedback for manual assembly simulation
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Perceptual processing demands influence voluntary task choice
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Outcome uncertainty influences probability perception and risk attitudes
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A diffusion model analysis of object-based selective attention in the Eriksen flanker task
P Kelber, M Gierlich, J Göth, MG Jeschke, IG Mackenzie, V Mittelstädt
Experimental Psychology, 2023
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