Kristofor McCarty
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Male dance moves that catch a woman's eye
N Neave, K McCarty, J Freynik, N Caplan, J Hönekopp, B Fink
Biology letters 7 (2), 221-224, 2011
A lover or a fighter? Opposing sexual selection pressures on men’s vocal pitch and facial hair
TK Saxton, LL Mackey, K McCarty, N Neave
Behavioral Ecology 27 (2), 512-519, 2016
Body size estimation in women with anorexia nervosa and healthy controls using 3D avatars
KK Cornelissen, K McCarty, PL Cornelissen, MJ Tovée
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-15, 2017
Male body movements as possible cues to physical strength: a biomechanical analysis
K McCarty, J Hönekopp, N Neave, N Caplan, B Fink
American Journal of Human Biology 25 (3), 307-312, 2013
Men’s personality and women’s perception of their dance quality
B Fink, B Weege, J Flügge, S Röder, N Neave, K McCarty
Personality and Individual Differences 52 (2), 232-235, 2012
Lower body symmetry and running performance in elite Jamaican track and field athletes
R Trivers, B Fink, M Russell, K McCarty, B James, BG Palestis
PloS one 9 (11), e113106, 2014
Distorted body image influences body schema in individuals with negative bodily attitudes
KR Irvine, K McCarty, KJ McKenzie, TV Pollet, KK Cornelissen, MJ Toveé, ...
Neuropsychologia 122, 38-50, 2019
Optimal asymmetry and other motion parameters that characterise high-quality female dance
K McCarty, H Darwin, PL Cornelissen, TK Saxton, MJ Tovée, N Caplan, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 42435, 2017
View-dependent accuracy in body mass judgements of female bodies
PL Cornelissen, KK Cornelissen, V Groves, K McCarty, MJ Tovée
Body Image 24, 116-123, 2018
The relationship between insomnia symptoms and the dark triad personality traits
U Akram, S Allen, K McCarty, M Gardani, A Tan, D Villarreal, ...
Personality and Individual Differences 131, 212-215, 2018
Dissociations in semantic cognition: Oscillatory evidence for opposing effects of semantic control and type of semantic relation in anterior and posterior temporal cortex
C Teige, PL Cornelissen, G Mollo, TRJG Alam, K McCarty, J Smallwood, ...
cortex 120, 308-325, 2019
The relations between processing style, autistic-like traits, and emotion recognition in individuals with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
KMC Karen McKenzie, Aja Louise Murray, Andrew Wilkinson, George C. Murray ...
Personality and Individual Differences 120, 1-6, 2018
The relationship between type D personality and insomnia
U Akram, K McCarty, A Akram, M Gardani, A Tan, D Villarreal, ...
Sleep Health 4 (4), 360-363, 2018
The visual cues that drive the self-assessment of body size: dissociation between fixation patterns and the key areas of the body for accurate judgement
KR Irvine, K McCarty, TV Pollet, KK Cornelissen, MJ Tovée, ...
Body image 29, 31-46, 2019
Emotion recognition from body movement and gesture in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is improved by situational cues
D Metcalfe, K McKenzie, K McCarty, TV Pollet
Research in Developmental Disabilities 86, 1-10, 2019
Are attitudinal and perceptual body image the same or different? Evidence from high-level adaptation
KK Cornelissen, H Widdrington, K McCarty, TV Pollet, MJ Tovée, ...
Body image 31, 35-47, 2019
The relationship between depression and insomnia symptoms amongst a sample of UK university students
U Akram, A Ypsilanti, K McCarty, L Lazuras, M Gardani, S Allen, A Akram
Sleep medicine research 10 (1), 2019
A preliminary investigation into the relationship between empathy, autistic like traits and emotion recognition
R Martin, K McKenzie, D Metcalfe, T Pollet, K McCarty
Personality and Individual Differences 137, 12-16, 2019
How does variation in the body composition of both stimuli and participant modulate self-estimates of men’s body size?
V Groves, P Cornelissen, K McCarty, S Mohamed, N Maalin, MJ Tovée, ...
Frontiers in psychiatry 10, 720, 2019
Using immersive virtual reality to modify body image
KR Irvine, AR Irvine, N Maalin, K McCarty, KK Cornelissen, MJ Tovée, ...
Body Image 33, 232-243, 2020
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