Vijayanand Banahatti
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Cytowane przez
Negotiation-based privacy preservation scheme in internet of things platform
A Ukil, S Bandyopadhyay, J Joseph, V Banahatti, S Lodha
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Security of Internet of …, 2012
Phishy-a serious game to train enterprise users on phishing awareness
G CJ, S Pandit, S Vaddepalli, H Tupsamudre, V Banahatti, S Lodha
Proceedings of the 2018 annual symposium on computer-human interaction in …, 2018
Dynamic data masking
M Shukla, J Joseph, K Vidhani, VM Banahatti, S Lodha
US Patent 9,171,182, 2015
Pass-o: A proposal to improve the security of pattern unlock scheme
H Tupsamudre, V Banahatti, S Lodha, K Vyas
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Asia Conference on Computer and …, 2017
System and method to provide management of test data at various lifecycle stages
NG Patwardhan, A Roy, RK Kulkarni, S Johri, AR Limaye, SP Lodha, ...
US Patent 9,356,966, 2016
GAP: A Game for Improving Awareness About Passwords
H Tupsamudre, R Wasnik, S Biswas, S Pandit, S Vaddepalli, A Shinde, ...
Joint International Conference on Serious Games, 66-78, 2018
TinPal: An enhanced interface for pattern locks
H Tupsamudre, S Vaddepalli, V Banahatti, S Lodha
Workshop on Usable Security, ser. USEC 18, 2018
System and method for providing augmentation based learning content
N Pedanekar, VM Banahatti, SS Karande, V Kumar, AT Doke
US Patent App. 14/477,192, 2015
Passworld: A Serious Game to Promote Password Awareness and Diversity in an Enterprise
GC Jayakrishnan, GR Sirigireddy, S Vaddepalli, V Banahatti, SP Lodha, ...
Sixteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security ({SOUPS} 2020), 1-18, 2020
POSTER: improved markov strength meters for passwords
H Tupsamudre, V Banahatti, S Lodha
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications …, 2016
Analysis and specification creation for web documents
M Shukla, K Vidhani, J Joseph, VM Banahatti, S Lodha
US Patent 10,055,600, 2018
Generating assessment data
VM Banahatti, SV Iyengar, SP Lodha
US Patent App. 13/179,292, 2012
V Banahatti, S Lodha
Proceedings of 5th World TCS Technical Architects’ Global Conference …, 2009
Systems and methods for computing data privacy-utility tradeoff
D Thomas, SP Lodha, K Mashiwal, VM Banahatti, K Padmanabhan
US Patent App. 16/078,577, 2019
System and method for providing sensitive information access control
A Ukil, J Joseph, V Banahatti, S Lodha
US Patent 10,019,595, 2018
Masking of different content types
KM Vidhani, DD Vyas, M Jain, VM Banahatti, SP Lodha
US Patent 9,971,903, 2018
PUSTACK: towards an augmented, scalable and personalized interface for paper textbooks
N Gandhi, V Gaikwad, P Kasat, N Garg, A Doke, V Kumar, S Karande, ...
Proceedings of the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human …, 2013
Dynamic data masking for mainframe application
R Saxena, AP Jadhav, M Shukla, VM Banahatti, SP Lodha
US Patent 10,462,148, 2019
Data privacy management
KM Vidhani, AA Dixit, VM Banahatti, SP Lodha
US Patent 9,928,381, 2018
Pass-roll and pass-scroll: new graphical user interfaces for improving text passwords
H Tupsamudre, A Dixit, V Banahatti, S Lodha
EuroUSEC, 2017
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