Iris Nomikou
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Young children’s dialogical actions: The beginnings of purposeful intersubjectivity
J Rączaszek-Leonardi, I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing
IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development 5 (3), 210-221, 2013
Language development from an ecological perspective: Ecologically valid ways to abstract symbols
J Rączaszek-Leonardi, I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing, TW Deacon
Ecological Psychology 30 (1), 39-73, 2018
Language does something: Body action and language in maternal input to three-month-olds
I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing
IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development 3 (2), 113-128, 2011
Constructing interaction: The development of gaze dynamics
I Nomikou, G Leonardi, KJ Rohlfing, J Rączaszek‐Leonardi
Infant and Child Development 25 (3), 277-295, 2016
Taking up an active role: emerging participation in early mother–infant interaction during peekaboo routines
I Nomikou, G Leonardi, A Radkowska, J Rączaszek-Leonardi, KJ Rohlfing
Frontiers in psychology 8, 239785, 2017
Educating attention: Recruiting, maintaining, and framing eye contact in early natural mother–infant interactions
I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing, J Szufnarowska
Interaction Studies 14 (2), 240-267, 2013
Improving the generalizability of infant psychological research: The ManyBabies model
I Visser, C Bergmann, K Byers-Heinlein, R Dal Ben, W Duch, S Forbes, ...
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 45, 2022
Verbs in mothers’ input to six-month-olds: Synchrony between presentation, meaning, and actions is related to later verb acquisition
I Nomikou, M Koke, KJ Rohlfing
Brain sciences 7 (5), 52, 2017
Beyond mechanistic interaction: value-based constraints on meaning in language
J Rączaszek-Leonardi, I Nomikou
Frontiers in Psychology 6, 159646, 2015
Vocal interactions at the dawn of communication: the emergence of mutuality and complementarity in mother-infant interaction
G Leonardi, I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing, J Rączaszek-Leonardi
2016 joint IEEE international conference on development and learning and …, 2016
Language-at all times: Action and interaction as contexts for enriching representations
I Nomikou, M Schilling, V Heller, KJ Rohlfing
Interaction Studies 17 (1), 120-145, 2016
Multimodal turn-taking: motivations, methodological challenges, and novel approaches
KJ Rohlfing, G Leonardi, I Nomikou, J Rączaszek-Leonardi, E Hüllermeier
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems 12 (2), 260-271, 2019
Intermodal synchrony as a form of maternal responsiveness: association with language development
KJ Rohlfing, I Nomikou
Language, Interaction and Acquisition 5 (1), 117-136, 2014
Evidence for early comprehension of action verbs
I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing, P Cimiano, JM Mandler
Language Learning and Development 15 (1), 64-74, 2019
The collaborative construction of early multimodal input and its significance for language acquisition
I Nomikou
Bielefeld University, 2018
Time-to-smile, time-to-speak, time-to-resolve: timescales for shaping engagement in language
J Rączaszek-Leonardi, K Główka, I Nomikou, N Rossmanith
Language Sciences 93, 101495, 2022
Levels of coordination in early semantic development
J Rączaszek-Leonardi, N Rossmanith, I Nomikou, KJ Rohlfing
Psychology of Language and Communication 23 (1), 212-237, 2019
Interactional preludes to infants’ affective climax–Mother-infant interaction around infant smiling in two cultures
J Kärtner, M Schwick, H Wefers, I Nomikou
Infant Behavior and Development 67, 101715, 2022
Action bids in children with speech impairments: the case of marking
A Fasulo, I Nomikou, J Nye
Research on Children and Social Interaction 5 (1), 57-79, 2021
Joining actions through effort sounds: Mothers and infants in routine activities
I Nomikou
Language & Communication 91, 32-45, 2023
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