Thomas V. Pollet
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Exploring variation in active network size: Constraints and ego characteristics
SGB Roberts, RIM Dunbar, TV Pollet, T Kuppens
Social Networks 31 (2), 138-146, 2009
Use of social network sites and instant messaging does not lead to increased offline social network size, or to emotionally closer relationships with offline network members
TV Pollet, SGB Roberts, RIM Dunbar
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 14 (4), 253-258, 2011
Natural selection on male wealth in humans
D Nettle, TV Pollet
The American Naturalist 172 (5), 658-666, 2008
Political extremism predicts belief in conspiracy theories
JW Van Prooijen, APM Krouwel, TV Pollet
Social Psychological and Personality Science 6 (5), 570-578, 2015
Extraverts have larger social network layers
TV Pollet, SGB Roberts, RIM Dunbar
Journal of Individual Differences, 2011
Interventions for children and adolescents with posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis of comparative outcome studies
N Morina, R Koerssen, TV Pollet
Clinical Psychology Review 47, 41-54, 2016
Driving a hard bargain: sex ratio and male marriage success in a historical US population
TV Pollet, D Nettle
Biology Letters 4 (1), 31-33, 2008
Reproductive behavior and personality traits of the Five Factor Model
M Jokela, A Alvergne, TV Pollet, V Lummaa
European Journal of Personality 25 (6), 487-500, 2011
Tall claims? Sense and nonsense about the importance of height of US presidents
G Stulp, AP Buunk, S Verhulst, TV Pollet
The Leadership Quarterly 24 (1), 159-171, 2013
What can cross-cultural correlations teach us about human nature?
TV Pollet, JM Tybur, WE Frankenhuis, IJ Rickard
Human Nature 25 (3), 410-429, 2014
Human height is positively related to interpersonal dominance in dyadic interactions
G Stulp, AP Buunk, S Verhulst, TV Pollet
PloS one 10 (2), e0117860, 2015
Male facial width is associated with death by contact violence: narrow-faced males are more likely to die from contact violence
M Stirrat, G Stulp, TV Pollet
Evolution and Human Behavior 33 (5), 551-556, 2012
Genetic relatedness and sibling relationship characteristics in a modern society
TV Pollet
Evolution and Human Behavior 28 (3), 176-185, 2007
Lineage based differences in grandparental investment: evidence from a large British cohort study
TV Pollet, M Nelissen, D Nettle
J. Biosoc. Sci 41, 355-379, 2009
Testosterone levels and their associations with lifetime number of opposite sex partners and remarriage in a large sample of American elderly men and women
TV Pollet, L van der Meij, KD Cobey, AP Buunk
Hormones and Behavior 60 (1), 72-77, 2011
Maternal grandmothers do go the extra mile: Factoring distance and lineage into differential contact with grandchildren
TV Pollet, D Nettle, M Nelissen
Evolutionary Psychology 5 (4), 147470490700500412, 2007
Evolution, situational affordances, and the HEXACO model of personality
RE De Vries, JM Tybur, TV Pollet, M van Vugt
Evolution and human behavior 37 (5), 407-421, 2016
From computers to cultivation: reconceptualizing evolutionary psychology
L Barrett, TV Pollet, G Stulp
Frontiers in psychology 5, 867, 2014
Contact frequencies between grandparents and grandchildren in a modern society: Estimates of the impact of paternity uncertainty
TV Pollet, D Nettle, M Nelissen
Journal of Cultural and Evolutionary Psychology 4 (3-4), 203-213, 2006
Hormonal birth control use and relationship jealousy: Evidence for estrogen dosage effects
KD Cobey, TV Pollet, SC Roberts, AP Buunk
Personality and Individual Differences 50 (2), 315-317, 2011
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