Nadra Guizani
Nadra Guizani
Univeristy of Texas Arlington
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Cytowane przez
Privacy-preserving and efficient aggregation based on blockchain for power grid communications in smart communities
Z Guan, G Si, X Zhang, L Wu, N Guizani, X Du, Y Ma
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (7), 82-88, 2018
From IoT to 5G I-IoT: The next generation IoT-based intelligent algorithms and 5G technologies
D Wang, D Chen, B Song, N Guizani, X Yu, X Du
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (10), 114-120, 2018
Explainable AI and mass surveillance system-based healthcare framework to combat COVID-I9 like pandemics
MS Hossain, G Muhammad, N Guizani
IEEE Network 34 (4), 126-132, 2020
Real-time lateral movement detection based on evidence reasoning network for edge computing environment
Z Tian, W Shi, Y Wang, C Zhu, X Du, S Su, Y Sun, N Guizani
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D2D big data: Content deliveries over wireless device-to-device sharing in large-scale mobile networks
X Wang, Y Zhang, VCM Leung, N Guizani, T Jiang
IEEE Wireless Communications 25 (1), 32-38, 2018
Intelligence in IoT-based 5G networks: Opportunities and challenges
N Javaid, A Sher, H Nasir, N Guizani
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Autonomous driving cars in smart cities: Recent advances, requirements, and challenges
I Yaqoob, LU Khan, SMA Kazmi, M Imran, N Guizani, CS Hong
IEEE Network 34 (1), 174-181, 2019
SPHA: smart personal health advisor based on deep analytics
M Chen, Y Zhang, M Qiu, N Guizani, Y Hao
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (3), 164-169, 2018
Securing smart cities through blockchain technology: Architecture, requirements, and challenges
S Hakak, WZ Khan, GA Gilkar, M Imran, N Guizani
IEEE Network 34 (1), 8-14, 2020
Privacy-preserving image retrieval for medical IoT systems: A blockchain-based approach
M Shen, Y Deng, L Zhu, X Du, N Guizani
IEEE Network 33 (5), 27-33, 2019
Overcoming the key challenges to establishing vehicular communication: Is SDN the answer?
I Yaqoob, I Ahmad, E Ahmed, A Gani, M Imran, N Guizani
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SOVCAN: Safety-oriented vehicular controller area network
Y Zhang, M Chen, N Guizani, D Wu, VCM Leung
IEEE Communications Magazine 55 (8), 94-99, 2017
Secret sharing-based energy-aware and multi-hop routing protocol for IoT based WSNs
K Haseeb, N Islam, A Almogren, IU Din, HN Almajed, N Guizani
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B5G and explainable deep learning assisted healthcare vertical at the edge: COVID-I9 perspective
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Balanced energy consumption based adaptive routing for IoT enabling underwater WSNs
N Javaid, S Cheema, M Akbar, N Alrajeh, MS Alabed, N Guizani
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The best of both worlds: A general architecture for data management in blockchain-enabled Internet-of-Things
Z Xiong, Y Zhang, NC Luong, D Niyato, P Wang, N Guizani
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Flight security and safety of drones in airborne fog computing systems
D He, Y Qiao, S Chan, N Guizani
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (5), 66-71, 2018
Recent advances and challenges in mobile big data
E Ahmed, I Yaqoob, IAT Hashem, J Shuja, M Imran, N Guizani, ST Bakhsh
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A survey on supply chain security: Application areas, security threats, and solution architectures
V Hassija, V Chamola, V Gupta, S Jain, N Guizani
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 8 (8), 6222-6246, 2020
Privacy-preserving authentication and data aggregation for fog-based smart grid
L Zhu, M Li, Z Zhang, C Xu, R Zhang, X Du, N Guizani
IEEE Communications Magazine 57 (6), 80-85, 2019
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