Anna Świerczewska
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Evaluating the evolution of the Red River system based on in situ U‐Pb dating and Hf isotope analysis of zircons
L Van Hoang, FY Wu, PD Clift, A Wysocka, A Swierczewska
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (11), 2009
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A Świerczewska, AK Tokarski
Tectonophysics 297 (1-4), 73-90, 1998
Origin of methane in quartz crystals from the Tertiary accretionary wedge and fore-arc basin of the Western Carpathians
V Hurai, J Kihle, J Kotulová, F Marko, A Świerczewska
Applied Geochemistry 17 (9), 1259-1271, 2002
The interplay of the thermal and structural histories of the Magura Nappe (Outer Carpathians) in Poland and Slovakia
A Świerczewska
Mineralogia Polonica 36 (2), 91-144, 2005
Alluvial deposits from the strike-slip fault Lo River Basin (Oligocene/Miocene), Red river fault zone, north-western Vietnam
A Wysocka, A Swierczewska
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Fluid inclusion evidence for deep burial of the Tertiary accretionary wedge of the Carpathians
V Hurai, F Marko, AK Tokarski, A Świerczewska, J Kotulová, A Biroň
Terra Nova 18 (6), 440-446, 2006
The isolated Wuchiapingian (Zechstein) Wielichowo Reef and its sedimentary and diagenetic evolution, SW Poland
A Fheed, AT Świerczewska, AT Krzyżak
Geological Quarterly 59 (4), 2015
Quaternary exhumation of the Carpathians: a record from the Orava-Nowy Targ Intramontane Basin, Western Carpathians (Poland and Slovakia)
A Tokarski, A Swierczewska, W Zuchiewicz, D Starek, L Fodor
Geologica Carpathica 63 (4), 257, 2012
Exploring a carbonate reef reservoir–nuclear magnetic resonance and computed microtomography confronted with narrow channel and fracture porosity
A Fheed, A Krzyżak, A Świerczewska
Journal of Applied Geophysics 151, 343-358, 2018
Neotectonic rotations in the Orava-Nowy Targ Intramontane Basin (Western Carpathians): An integrated palaeomagnetic and fractured clasts study
AK Tokarski, E Márton, A Świerczewska, A Fheed, J Zasadni, J Kukulak
Tectonophysics 685, 35-43, 2016
A novel VRo, Tmax, and S indices conversion formulae on data from the fold-and-thrust belt of the Western Outer Carpathians (Poland)
M Waliczek, G Machowski, P Poprawa, A Świerczewska, D Więcław
International Journal of Coal Geology 234, 103672, 2021
Lithofacies and depositional environments of Miocene deposits from tectonically-controlled basins (Red River Fault Zone, northern Vietnam)
A Wysocka, A Świerczewska
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 39 (3), 109-124, 2010
Lithostratigraphy and tectonics of the Miers Bluff Formation at Hurd Peninsula, Livingston Island (West Antarctica)
M Doktor, A Swierczewska, K Tokarski
Joints and mineral veins during structural evolution: case study from the Outer Carpathians (Poland)
A Świerczewska, AK Tokarski, V Hurai
Geological Quarterly 44, 333-339, 2000
Late Tertiary tectonics of the Red River Fault Zone: Structural evolution of sedimentary rocks
N Quốc Cu’ò’ng, AK Tokarski, A Świerczewska, WA Zuchiewicz, NT Yêm
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W Zuchiewicz, AK Tokarski, A Świerczewska, NQ Cuong
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Conference Excursion 1: Structural development of the Magura Nappe (Outer Carpathians): from subduction to collapse
A Tokarski, A Świerczewska, W Zuchiewicz, E Márton, V Hurai, ...
Geolines 20, 145-164, 2006
Structural development of Polish segment of the Outer Carpathians (eastern part)
K Decker, AK Tokarski, L Jankowski, R Kopciowski, P Nescieruk, ...
5th Carpathian Tectonic Workshop, Poprad-Szymbark, 26-29, 1999
Neotectonic (Miocene to recent) vertical movements in the Lao Cai Basin (Red River Fault Zone, Vietnam): An approach to seismic hazard assessment
DP Phan, AK Tokarski, A Świerczewska, PJ Strzelecki, M Waliczek, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 181, 103885, 2019
Quartz mineralization in the Magura nappe (Poland): a combined microstructural and microthermometry approach
A Swierczewska, V Hurai, AK Tokarski, R Kopciowski
Geologica Carpathica 50, 174-177, 1999
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