Giovanni Ferioli
Giovanni Ferioli
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Cytowane przez
Self-bound quantum droplets of atomic mixtures in free space
G Semeghini, G Ferioli, L Masi, C Mazzinghi, L Wolswijk, F Minardi, ...
Physical review letters 120 (23), 235301, 2018
Collisions of self-bound quantum droplets
G Ferioli, G Semeghini, L Masi, G Giusti, G Modugno, M Inguscio, ...
Physical review letters 122 (9), 090401, 2019
Measuring the dynamical state of Planck SZ-selected clusters: X-ray peak – BCG offset
M Rossetti, F Gastaldello, G Ferioli, M Bersanelli, S De Grandi, D Eckert, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 457 (4), 4515-4524, 2016
Crossing over from attractive to repulsive interactions in a tunneling bosonic Josephson junction
G Spagnolli, G Semeghini, L Masi, G Ferioli, A Trenkwalder, S Coop, ...
Physical review letters 118 (23), 230403, 2017
Storage and release of subradiant excitations in a dense atomic cloud
G Ferioli, A Glicenstein, L Henriet, I Ferrier-Barbut, A Browaeys
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021031, 2021
Collective shift in resonant light scattering by a one-dimensional atomic chain
A Glicenstein, G Ferioli, N Šibalić, L Brossard, I Ferrier-Barbut, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (25), 253602, 2020
Dynamical formation of quantum droplets in a mixture
G Ferioli, G Semeghini, S Terradas-Briansó, L Masi, M Fattori, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013269, 2020
Laser-driven superradiant ensembles of two-level atoms near Dicke regime
G Ferioli, A Glicenstein, F Robicheaux, RT Sutherland, A Browaeys, ...
Physical Review Letters 127 (24), 243602, 2021
A non-equilibrium superradiant phase transition in free space
G Ferioli, A Glicenstein, I Ferrier-Barbut, A Browaeys
Nature Physics 19 (9), 1345-1349, 2023
Preparation of one-dimensional chains and dense cold atomic clouds with a high numerical aperture four-lens system
A Glicenstein, G Ferioli, L Brossard, YRP Sortais, D Barredo, F Nogrette, ...
Physical Review A 103 (4), 043301, 2021
From superradiance to subradiance: exploring the many-body Dicke ladder
A Glicenstein, G Ferioli, A Browaeys, I Ferrier-Barbut
Optics Letters 47 (6), 1541-1544, 2022
Spatial bloch oscillations of a quantum gas in a “beat-note” superlattice
L Masi, T Petrucciani, G Ferioli, G Semeghini, G Modugno, M Inguscio, ...
Physical Review Letters 127 (2), 020601, 2021
Sensitivity bounds of a spatial Bloch-oscillation atom interferometer
I Nałȩcz, L Masi, G Ferioli, T Petrucciani, M Fattori, J Chwedeńczuk
Physical Review A 102 (3), 033318, 2020
Self-bound quantum droplets in Bose-Bose mixture
G Ferioli
Non-Gaussian Correlations in the Steady State of Driven-Dissipative Clouds of Two-Level Atoms
G Ferioli, S Pancaldi, A Glicenstein, D Clément, A Browaeys, ...
Physical Review Letters 132 (13), 133601, 2024
Directional superradiance in a driven ultracold atomic gas in free-space
S Agarwal, E Chaparro, D Barberena, AP Orioli, G Ferioli, S Pancaldi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.15556, 2024
Driven-dissipative phase separation in free-space atomic ensembles
D Goncalves, L Bombieri, G Ferioli, S Pancaldi, I Ferrier-Barbut, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.15237, 2024
Observation of superradiant phase transition in free space
G Ferioli
IQIS Italian conference on Quantum Information and Science, 2022
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