Maciej Behnke
Maciej Behnke
Wrocław University of Science and Technology
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The Pikachu effect: Social and health gaming motivations lead to greater benefits of Pokémon GO use
LD Kaczmarek, M Misiak, M Behnke, M Dziekan, P Guzik
Computers in Human Behavior 75, 356-363, 2017
Successful performance and cardiovascular markers of challenge and threat: A meta-analysis
M Behnke, LD Kaczmarek
International Journal of Psychophysiology; 10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2018.04.007, 2018
The sport mental training questionnaire: Development and validation
M Behnke, M Tomczak, LD Kaczmarek, M Komar, J Gracz
Current Psychology 38 (2), 504-516, 2019
Social challenge and threat predict performance and cardiovascular responses during competitive video gaming
M Behnke, M Kosakowski, LD Kaczmarek
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 46, 101584, 2020
Effects of emotions on heart rate asymmetry
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, J Enko, M Kosakowski, BM Hughes, ...
Psychophysiology 56 (4), e13318, 2019
Smile intensity in social networking profile photographs is related to greater scientific achievements
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, TB Kashdan, A Kusiak, K Marzec, M Mistrzak, ...
The journal of positive psychology 13 (5), 435-439, 2018
The role of emotions in esports performance.
M Behnke, JJ Gross, LD Kaczmarek
Emotion, 2020
High-approach and low-approach positive affect influence physiological responses to threat and anger
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, M Kosakowski, J Enko, M Dziekan, J Piskorski, ...
International Journal of Psychophysiology 138, 27-37, 2019
Splitting the affective atom: Divergence of valence and approach-avoidance motivation during a dynamic emotional experience
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, J Enko, M Kosakowski, P Guzik, BM Hughes
Current Psychology 40 (7), 3272-3283, 2021
Would you be happier if you moved more? Physical activity focusing illusion
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, J Enko, A Hoffman, M Kiciński, J Paruszewski, ...
Current Psychology 40 (8), 3716-3724, 2021
Give and take: The role of reciprocity in capitalization
LD Kaczmarek, KC Kelso, M Behnke, TB Kashdan, M Dziekan, E Matuła, ...
The Journal of Positive Psychology, 1-12, 2021
Gratitude texting touches the heart: challenge/threat cardiovascular responses to gratitude expression predict self-initiation of gratitude interventions in daily life
J Enko, M Behnke, M Dziekan, M Kosakowski, LD Kaczmarek
Journal of Happiness Studies 22 (1), 49-69, 2021
The Gengar effect: excessive Pokémon Go players report stronger smartphone addiction, phubbing, pain, and vision-related problems
LD Kaczmarek, M Behnke, M Dżon
PsyArXiv, 2019
I am afraid, so I buy it! The effects of anxiety on consumer assimilation and differentiation needs amongst individuals primed with independent and interdependent self-construal.
D Drążkowski, M Behnke, ŁD Kaczmarek
PLoS ONE 16 (9), e0256483, 2021
Positive Emotions Boost Enthusiastic Responsiveness to Capitalization Attempts. Dissecting Self-Report, Physiology, and Behavior
LD Kaczmarek, TB Kashdan, M Behnke, M Dziekan, E Matuła, ...
Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-19, 2021
Head movement differs for positive and negative emotions in video recordings of sitting individuals
M Behnke, N Berthouze, LD Kaczmarek
Scientific Reports 11, 7405, 2021
What makes male gamers angry, sad, amused, and enthusiastic while playing violent video games?
M Behnke, P Chwiłkowska, LD Kaczmarek
Entertainment Computing, 100397, 2020
Blunted cardiovascular reactivity may serve as an index of psychological task disengagement in the motivated performance situations
M Behnke, A Hase, LD Kaczmarek, P Freeman
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-10, 2021
How seasons, weather, and part of day influence baseline affective valence in laboratory research participants?
M Behnke, H Overbye, M Pietruch, LD Kaczmarek
PloS one 16 (8), e0256430, 2021
Distress and retaliatory aggression in response to witnessing intergroup exclusion are greater on higher levels of collective narcissism
A Hase, M Behnke, M Mazurkiewicz, KK Wieteska, A Golec de Zavala
Psychophysiology, e13879, 2021
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